Sheena LaShay is a writer, photographer, pole activist, and artist in all she does. Sheena will be speaking on Nizhoni, beauty as a spiritual practice, the 8th principle and chapter in “The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love.” There are 11 sessions in this series, and each one represents a chapter in the book. Sheena LaShay #BeYourOwnBeloved featured photo from Instagram.


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  • Sheena’s lesson is: “Beauty as a Spiritual Practice.” And guess what? Sheena is also featured in the book! 

This’s session on Beauty, Power, & Feminine Power may be for you if:

  • You have experience trauma in your past;
  • You have issues receiving love and affection;
  • You don’t have pleasure in your life;
  • You would like to move on from your past;
  • You feel stuck!

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About Sheena LaShay:

Known as an Intellectual Sensual Shaman and Wild Magical Woman, Sheena LaShay is a writer, speaker and producer in New York City. Sheena is the creator of, a lifestyle network and production company and a youtube blogger with over 500,000+ views and counting. With all that she does, she has one mission: To inspire authentic and powerful living.

Having spent the formative years of her life in a repressive cult and surviving seven years of repeated childhood sexual abuse, Sheena decided to thrive past her victimization and live in abundance, freedom and joy. Now, Sheena is a motivational speaker and has delivered keynote addresses at Lehman College, the historic Poet’s Den Gallery and Theater and has an interview featured in Abiola Abraham’s, “The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self Love.” Most notably, Sheena LaShay was recently interviewed by Dr. Richard Besser of ABC News for “This Week with George Stephanopologous” regarding sexual abuse, politics and culture.

Understanding the transformative healing power of art, creativity and sensuality, Sheena created and hosts “Crafts + Cupcakes” DIY parties, “CREATE” retreats for women artists, and the “Wild Magical Woman” workshops. She also travels around the country capturing beautiful boudoir portraits as a photographer and videographer.

In addition to traveling the world, Sheena can also be found all over the internet. More specifically, she is the co-president and editor-in-chief of the Pole Dancing Bloggers Association, the editor of the Bodybinds Lingerie blog, a lifestyle blogger for Verizon Wireless and a contributing writer for under the direction of Lissa Rankin. Sheena’s personal adventures, healing journey and creative art can be found at




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