Emily Tepper is a speaker at Sacred Bombshell Academy and Coach. Emily will be speaking on receiving, the 3rd principle and chapter in “The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love.” There are 11 sessions in this series, and each one represents a chapter in the book.


Watch: Presenting Emily Tepper at Sacred Bombshell Academy!

  • Emily’s lesson is: “Receive Everything.” 

This’s session on Receptivity & Feminine Power may be for you if:

  • You have issues receiving love;
  • You have issues receiving abundance;
  • You have issues receiving compliments;
  • You have issues receiving success;
  • You have issues receiving help!

Sacred Bombshell Academy Speaker




About Emily Tepper:

Emily Tepper (MDes, CST, MaNLP, Master Pilates Instructor, Receptivity Coach) is a modern healer who’s bringing contemporary life to the ancient art of ritual work. With a Masters in Experiential Design, Pilates and Craniosacral Therapy certifications, worldwide Ritual Design experience and a thriving private practice in Bushwick, Emily is a healer you want in your life. Emily works with you to bring your body and spiritual practice into alignment.




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Emily says, “So awesome to talk about the Power of Receive with you for your AWESOME BOOK LAUNCH. Sacred Bombshell!! Remember everyone, if you want to sharpen up your tools on how to RECEIVE EVERYTHING – Go now to join the Receptivity Goddess Group here: ReceiveEverything.com