Current mood: thankful

So I just got back in from my first passover. It was with my friend T’rah. I’ve been to many bat mitzvahs, but never a passover. It was a wonderful experience- 5 black girls celebrating passover- wow! The food was a bit much for my tummy but her lamb and sweet herbs were delicious — thanks T! As were her olives. I was honored that she chose me to spend her holiday (holy day) with her. 

The kicker was the 4 glasses– full glasses of wine that you’re supposed to drink. That did us all in. But we had a fabulous time!
This was great because I have been saying for the past couple of weeks that I was restarting the year on April 1 to ward off the chaotic nature of the year thus far. Then I thought that New Year’s was Monday and not Sunday, so April fool’s on me, but I had a lovely new new year’s regardless, and then came T’rah’s invitation.
It was especially needed too because last night wound up being pretty crappy for a number of reasons that I have too much Passover wine in me to explain right now, but I’ll tell you in a future missive.

The lesson for today? Be open to new things– and you can restart your day, your year, your life, right this minute from wherever you’re standing. I’ll let you know my new resolutions too soon.

Next Year in Harlem….