Money challenge alert!

Money, politics and spirituality are 3 things that they say never to talk about.

The Unblock My Money free course and abundance challenge covers 2 of these topics — so let’s chat.

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I am celebrating the launch of the upcoming Money Mindset Reset Mastermind.

Unblock My Money Challenge and Free Abundance Course

About the FREE Money Challenge!


Hey Goddess,

Are you earning what you’re worth?

Or are you undercharged, overworked and over-delivering?

It’s all about your B.S. — your Belief Systems.

Let’s talk about my FREE money challenge and abundance course

For a really long time I was deep in a “spiritual poverty”, “starving artist” and scarcity mindset and mentality backed up with limiting beliefs such as “money isn’t spiritual.”

I was a card-carrying member of “The Sisters of Traveling Brokeness.” True story!

I couldn’t imagine at that time that I could have an eco-luxury retreat in BALI, Indonesia for women lightworkers and leaders, like my Abundance Pray Love Goddess Retreat — YAY!

Money Challenge and Abundance CourseHow are YOU sabotaging yourself and playing small when it comes to money?

Join me on this free 9-day Unblock My Money Blocks challenge as I show you some surprising tips and techniques for getting out of the way of your own abundance.

Whoo hoo! The “Unblock My Money Blocks Challenge + Mini-Course” is free to join and participate. There will also be opportunities along the way to get additional help and guidance from ME — your 9-Day Money Mindset Challenge host.

Our goal is to build an active, supportive community of goddesses who are stepping proudly into abundance!

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