May’s Astrological Column from our own Grear Yaddie Turnbull… 

Your Astrology RIGHT NOW, Written by Grear


You and Libra are both ruled by the same loving planet: Venus. She retrogrades by mid-month to remain in that slow nostalgic motion for about thirty days. Even if you are already in a committed union, you may still find yourself lamenting on “loves” of old. Or even more intensely, you may bump into one of those old flames. Depending upon how things ended (or didn’t end—no real closure) will dictate the e-n-e-r-g-y of the encounter.

In the metaphysics it’s taught that “there is no such thing as an accident.” In Lauryn Hill’s words, “Consequence is no Coincidence.” You are likely to attract your dominant thoughts–and when the stars coalesce, they don’t compel, but they do impel. Cosmically speaking, this is the ripe recipe to take that proverbial walk down memory lane whereas old mates are concerned. Journal your thoughts.

Walk with a Rose Quartz Crystal in your underwear. It must touch the skin to activate its purpose. Be sure to “clear” your stones before applying them. You can clear ’em with Sea Salt. Or watch Djehuty Ma’at- Ra on utube; he has a good video up that succinctly illustrates how to clear/clean your crystals. By the way, he’s a fellow Taurean. Brilliant man. And no, I don’t work for him!

Once the retrograde period is over…. Wait, no, speaking again about Lauryn Hill, her sun sign just came to mind, Gemini. Be mindful your ruling planet, Venus, is also stationed in Gemini; will be there till August. Hence two loves from the past (even past lives) may show up–out the blue. Wear that color and a lot of green too. Don copper jewelry. OK, back to when the retrograde period is over (mid June), you can burn your writings (what you’ve journaled during the Venus seemingly going in reverse phase), fire purifies, this exercise acts as ritual to heal the pain of unrequited love. Then release the ashes in a waterfall with love. Sever-in-Love. Walk away and don’t look back. Drive or walk home or to your next destination a different route than the one you took to get to the waterfall. Peace.


More I study the more I realize that we’re on a duality dimension. Post Offices, Fed Ex, etc. all entities ruled by your sun sign. Gemini, the god/goddess Hermes’ job is to carry messages from the heavens to the earth and vice versa. Communicative Junkies. Their key phrase: I Think. Yeah, I know. For some we’ve gotta wonder: Do they think before they speak? (By the way, their opposite sign, Sag, has also been accused of being a ‘mind to mouth’ type. See how duality works? Your ‘opposite’ is really you.)

It is said when a Gemini is not righteous they tend to be painfully gossipy. This is because they are acutely aware that they are here to deliver messages. The ones that operate from a more higher frequency, like your Princes, Lauryns, Tupac, Nikki Giovanni‘s, clearly they came here to deliver a heavy message! “My rhymes are heavy like the mind of Sister Betty,” another Gemini.

Twins, be mindful (as you usually are), that Venus is stationed in your sun sign until August. It’s slated to be quite the Summer for you. Being monogamous may prove challenging. Just breathe and speak love. I’m a firm believer that even flings, short-term romances can be divine, when respect and clear communication is constantly presented. When communication is concise yet compassionate, you could earn good money during this twinly-loving phase. Again, watch your communication–double talk (especially this month) can be dangerous. Unless you’re a rapper like L-Boogie.


Have your siblings over for dinner. Or, go to their abode for dinner, bring something– and not just a bottle of wine. This month, especially mid-month, you’re allowed to bring up all that ish from the past. But do it in love, with respect, or don’t do it at all. If you decide to roll with the latter, avoid all siblings this month, if you can help it. Either or, but no middle ground. To the Cancerian that’s an only child, take a short road trip with a friend you see as a sista or a brotha, and have “that” talk. For you, if this in not feasible, then you too do as advised above–avoid them altogether this whole month–especially by mid-month to its end. To the Cancer where “siblings” nor “besties” applies to you–How lucky you are. You Strong Silent type, You. Smooches.


An assignment. Study the goddess Ceres this month. Commune with her, put fresh water out for her (water you’d drink yourself), fruits, light candles, make her space a special place in your abode. If this is not your thing, then communing with your own mom, bringing her offerings of water and love is also divine. Or you can do both. Either way, time to extol the matriarch principles this month.


Take time off from engaging and or communicating with adults– if you can help it. For some, I know, this might be quite the challenge. But try it. These astro-spiritual exercises can be rather transforming–in the most enlightening way. In lieu of adult-dialogue, elect to only converse with kids, minors. Journal your feelings regarding these encounters. Also, be mindful of the tagline, “From the mouths of babes.” A child’s wisdom is not to be overlooked.


Hey, Sexy Scales. If you read Taurus above, then you already know that your ruling planet Venus will go retrograde on the 15th of this month. You can heed a lot of what I told The Bull above, no need in my being redundant here. But with you, you could possibly bump into an old love on the job. Or form new love on the job with an old friend. Watch your fellow Libras, Taureans and Gemini co-workers all this season, Spring and the Summer anyhow. Don’t watch ’em in that weary one eyebrow raised way. Just be keen on the energy because they’ll be keen on yours; whether they follow the stars or not. We’re all connected to nature as it is connected to us. Enjoy the attention. It’s bound to be some kind of memorable phase for y’all. Take it all in stride.


There could be tension in your affairs of the heart as well as your legal affairs. With Gemini in Venus, you do not roll with the astro-advise rendered above, you practice monogamy like your life depended on it! Or just be or stay single. Especially this month. Taurus is your natural opposite sign on the cosmic wheel; hence the Venus Retrograde has to affect Scorpios too– in a backhanded kind of way. Perhaps you will feel an acceleration in your love life. New Loves will be your fancy; you might not lament on flames of yesteryear one iota.

Whichever the case, just cool out, avoid any intense pairing of any sort. Steer clear of courts or any legal wrangling if you can help it. If you can’t, get a reading done. Doesn’t have to be one done by me, find your own astrologer and just get it done specifically to your coordinates.


Something with funerals and love comes up for you. No, don’t go and get all morose and macabre on me. It could be something as common as running into an old love (maybe even two) at the services for a dearly departed. Or… you can meet a new love, yet one that’s older than you there.

Don’t brace yourself. The dearly departed don’t have to be a close loved one. It could be anyone, a co-worker, a neighbor, etc. Don’t take the astro-thoughts to the extreme. When I do my studying and channeling, I’m spiritually obligated to (to the readers in this context) share what came up.


Spend three nights with a Sag. Keep a bowl of water under the bed; in the water put an egg, and a square of Camphor. Also, smoke the herb Angelica before going to sleep. They can participate in the toking with you if they like. Journal what comes up. Chances are it’ll be quite the RIDE. Oh, change the water each morning. It should always be fresh water.

The egg can be washed with sea salt and reused. By the way, this doesn’t have to be a romantic pairing. It could be a friend or family member that’s a Sag and open to this sort of thing. You gotta tell ’em. If you don’t’, it alters the energy of the exercise. One more, taking the cell salts that correspond to the necessary signs is also key.


Write a stage play. One you can produce by August of this year. It could be a small neighborhood production. A one-woman or one-man blackbox piece came up for y’all. As the Nike (a goddess/god) slogan go: “Just Do It.”


Any Aries or Aquarians chums? If so, either embrace ’em fully or leave ’em alone! If not, cool. Also, if you belong to any groups, take a break from them. They can see you next month, they’ll survive. Use this month to recollect your principles, reevaluate your endeavors. Let this be the month of “re’s” for you. Reflect, baby.

Also, try to drink distilled water with a half teaspoon of baking soda each morning. You can research the power of how this combo helps to heal your temple.


The paranoia you’ve been feeling? Yep, it may prove itself this month. It may not have been paranoia after all. Your restless feelings could be valid. Aries is the god-of-war; and chances are YOU’LL BE READY. My advice: Watch the movie “Enter the Dragon,” especially the opening scene. Clue-in closely during Bruce Lee’s discourse with his teacher. Invaluable lessons! Ones that may help you with this matter. And please, be kind to a Pisces. This can only incur good Karma.


Have a thoughtful month! For questions and or personal readings feel free to email me.

Grear “Yaddie” Turnbull has always held an affinity for the stars. Since a child she always felt a strong connection. One that wouldn’t subside, no matter who or how many didn’t believe. In her mind, whether you believe in them or not, you still have a birthday. If you can look up or through a telescope and see the stars/constellations yet still believe they hold absolutely no meaning. Then you gotta believe that man holds no meaning, either. Just as God created man with purpose, He created the stars with purpose as well. All His creations mean something. The mystery of life is figuring out what that something is. Also, in Yaddie’s mind: How POWER-FULL is it to know that the majority below have been programmed not to believe in you above, yet you STILL have the nerve to stay in sweet celestial motion and twinkle & sparkle anyway! The audacity of SHINE, despite earthly sheepy shame. This strong sparkle’ly stance epitomizes Kandi’s “Fly Above” song. Astrology (logy = the study of, astro = astronomy/stars…hence, the study of the stars), astro-logic is geometry. Geometry is math. Math is a Science. Just note, they gave us the greenlight, the OK to believe in math and science. Carry on… 

Disclaimer: Content is for entertainment and informational purposes only. All of the astro-offerings above are just that “offerings.”

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