Handmade Hair and Body Beads and Jewelry…

Hey Rockstars,

My beautiful cousin Adana Collins has a gorgeous Etsy shop to showcase her beaded and coiled dreadlock jewelry and other creations. Yup, she made those cool blue and yellow earrings — and all of the other goodies here. I love that’s she’s living her passion and providing such gorgeous  looks for the rest of us as well. I interviewed her to talk beads, beauty and magic!

Abiola: Congrats, Adana. I know that we share a passion for bead and beading. I remember adorning Damali’s hair with braids and beads when she was a little girl. Of course she pulled them all out. But luckily I am not bitter. (smiles) Tell me about your exciting business with beads.

Adana: As a dreadlock wearing, Guyana born, New York raised, young mother of two boys, my dreadlock beads and body jewelry reflect my passion, culture and fantasies of beauty. To see daily creations before they are listed in the store or discount coupons follow me on Facebook. I am always happy to customize my creations, just contact me.

Abiola: There are so many unique pieces. Tell me about your gorgeous green, beaded footless sandals.

Adana: This green beaded jewelry can be worn as a barefoot sandal or as a mock slave bracelet. I added handcrafted wire embellishments and dangling beads. There are adjustable circle link clasps and hooks to allow this piece to fit most sizes. With my sensitive feet I enjoy wearing this type of barefoot shoes because the loop that goes in between the toes are not beaded but an elastic cord which reduces any discomfort with prolonged wear. I wear them daily on my hands or feet, which gives me that extra touch to my outfits.

Abiola: I know that if people want to make something similar they can order beads online, but I recommend that they check out your fab shop instead.


Handmade Earrings by Adana, Modeled by Adana


Blue Heart Bead Gold Wire Wrapped Spiral for Dread Locs

Blue Heart Bead Gold Wire Wrapped Spiral Dread Locs Hair Jewelry Coils Dreadlock Beads


Black Beads Copper Wire Swirl Dreadlock Beads Accessories Dread Locs Braids Twist Hair Jewelry


Heart Shaped Turquoise Wire Wrapped Iridescent Blue Bead Necklace


Burgundy Silver Fresh Water Pearl Earrings



Black Beaded Barefoot Sandals Jewelry Shoes Beach Wedding



Green Beaded Barefoot Sandals Jewelry Shoes Beach Wedding



Dreadlock Natural Black Hair Jewelry

You can find beads to DIY and make similar looks, of course, but if you’re smart, you’ll just buy Adana’s unique and gorgeous pieces!


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