It is time to call in your happiness, success and abundance.
It is time to release your procrastination, people pleasing, shame and self-sabotage.

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About the Manifest Your Magic Moon Circle

Hey Goddess,

It is time to call in your happiness, success and abundance.

It is time to release your procrastination, people pleasing, shame and self-sabotage.

What if we met twice a month to manifest our dreams, step more fully into our power and get the soulcare and strategy to answer our callings?

Manifest Your Magic Moon Circle is a bi-monthly sister circle where we will meet to do that.

Let’s shift energy by directly addressing your success blocks. Your mindset is keeping your stuck. Let’s work on energetic and emotional healing.

This Sunday’s New Moon session is Manifest Your Money.

November’s Full Moon session is Releasing Self-Doubt.

Who’s in?

Every month will address a different area of our lives where we are feeling stuck, frustrated, and in need of transformation. In the Full Moon sessions we will focus on releasing the energy and patterns that keep us blocked and in the New Moon sessions we will focus on calling in what we are wanting to manifest, raising our vibrations and aligning ourselves with our abundance.

It wasn’t too long ago that iPads and even atoms seemed mystical and fantastical. I believe in the wisdom of the Universe. I trust that the Source of Everything that created me has a divine perfect order at work and I believe that we are a part of that sacred order.

We feel displaced and ungrounded in part because we have lost our rites of passage. First we say, “Boy that year flew by. Where did the time go?” Then suddenly five years have flown by. This. Is. Your. Life.

Rituals mark the passage of time. Rites of passage ground us and anchor us in the rhythms of our life and the life that is expanding around us. Let’s refuse to let the wisdom of our ancestresses be lost one more moment.

We get scared of the word “ritual” but we have plenty of rites and rituals in our “modern” culture. Christmas trees, Thanksgiving feasting, dressing up for Halloween, and New Year’s resolutions are rituals. Singing anthems before games, blowing out candles and wishing, kneeling to propose, and saying “bless you” when we sneeze are rituals, too. Sweet 16 and bachelorette parties are rites of passage. Today’s religious holidays like Passover and Easter are based on solar and lunar calendars. Every ancient culture, calendar, religion, and spiritual tradition had moon rites and rituals.

A part of loving and respecting ourselves as women is loving and respecting the Great Mother Earth that feeds and nourishes us all. The farmers in my family knew that animals react differently during the full moon and the planting and harvesting of crops is also often done in accordance with the moon. Just like the moon controls the waters of the earth, she affects our cycles. After all, we’re made mostly of water. The moon affects our sleep and productivity cycles even though we don’t all menstruate in alignment with Mama Moon anymore.

New moon time and full moon time, just like the moontimes of our bodies, are powerful. This is the perfect energy to create transformation and evolution.

This is the Wisdom of Our Ancestresses.


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