Biggest Lessons I Learned This Year as a Spiritual Entrepreneur [Video]

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Biggest Lessons I Learned This Year as a Spiritual Entrepreneur [Video]

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What are the biggest life lessons you learned this year?

It has been a powerful year in the Spiritpreneur Warrior Business Sisterhood.

Thank you for all of the beautiful inspiration, goddesses.

Some people had difficult years and others had their best year ever…

Personally and professionally…

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Life Lessons of Success and Failure

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Three of my biggest lessons this year were:

1) The Universe is dreaming a MUCH GRANDER dream for us than we can dream for ourselves. 

2) I need to RAISE MY STANDARDS and turn the stuff that I SHOULD do into the things that I MUST DO. ​

3) Get MORE support — in EVERY area of your life and business. 

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