Thanks for the blog recognition and the love, Black News!

Five inspirational African American woman bloggers and blogs that you need to know to add motivation and transformation to your life.

The women above are a few of my Goddess Retreat clients – aren’t they powerful and divine?

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It is always inspiring when folks get the magic that we are sharing, right?

Thank you to Black News for naming me one of the Top 5 Inspiring African American Woman Bloggers.

Here’s what they had to say:

Abiola Abrams is well known in the blogosphere for her inspirational pro-women content.

She teaches self-love by motivating others to capitalize on their unique female magic.

She’s a speaker, columnist, media personality, and author. She even privately coaches women on her proven empowerment tactics.


Thank you–

And even more exciting are the other amazing women they salute –  what great company to be in:


Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks
The founders of Black Girls Run, Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks, started their blog as a platform to fight the epidemic of obesity in the African American community. Their blog, which encourages black women to spend time outdoors and get exercise every day, has morphed into a national movement. They’re a running group that organizes events throughout the country, and they offer training programs for any black woman who’s just beginning her health.


Kimberley Foster
Kimberley Foster runs For Harriet, a community blog she started when she felt there was a huge gap in representation of black women online. She has over 347 pages filled with long form and short form blogs, and she covers a range of fascinating topics. Her blog addresses infertility, black hair, black trans women, and even black masculinity


Oneika The Traveller
Have you been to over 100 countries and counting? Oneila is a passionate world traveler, journalist, and Travel Channel host. Her travel blog incorporates travel tips for black women going abroad, lifestyle blogs about love and feminine care, and so much more. She teaches her audience about the world through her perspective as a young black woman and even includes a section about traveling while


Erika Nicole Kendall
This black fitness guru shares with us her exhausting journey of weight gain and weight loss in her blog A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss. She talks about beauty, healthy eating, exercise, and recipes. She also writes detailed articles about health issues that are specific to black women—why childbirth tends to be more dangerous, healthcare for black women, and more. She’s teaching other black women about their bodies by sharing her journey toward physical wellness