Are You Keeping Up With the Jonses? Bombshell Academy Day 29.

Passionista Principle: “What Do You Want Your Life To Be?” ~Oprah Winfrey

Hey Rockstars,

It is Day 29 of Abiola’s Bombshell Academy.  We are almost home. Today’s lesson is aboutleadership. We filmed it at Bebenoir Boutique in Harlem on the same day that I shot my interview with rapper and TV personality Lil Mama.

Side Note: Since we started Oprah’s “Lifeclass” started on the OWN Network. I love it! Some days she has me crying like a baby but it’s always insightful. Definitely DVR it if you get a chance.

Thank you to Terra Fossil Wines who sponsored this video as a part of Terra Fossil’s 30 Days of Wine Madness, a heart healthy campaign. Kristal Mosley of did the wonderful shooting and editing.

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P.S. Sneak Peek of my Lil Mama Interview. Check out these freeze frame photos.

Abiola Abrams and Lil Mama Styled by Each Other

In this pic Lil Mama and I styled each other. She gave me sexy hip hop and I gave her bombshell beauty. 😉

Abiola Abrams and Lil Mama in Harlem: Freeze Frame

Bebenoir is located on Frederick Douglas Boulevard near 116th Street.