Law of Attraction Planner 2018 Unboxing || Manifestation Journal

The Law of Attraction Planner is a powerful self-love and self-care tool to help you manifest your best life! This also works as a manifestation journal.

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Empowerment Questions for Manifesting a Wonderful Year!

  • Did I love myself this past year?
  • How did I practice self-love?
  • Which personal development gurus inspired me? How can I participate more in their work in the new year?
  • What books did I read (or listen to) that made an impact in my life?
  • Am I reading the right books to help me achieve my goals and objectives? What empowerment events or seminars did I attend? What motivational coaches, lessons and classes helped me to be better?
  • How do I inspire myself?
  • Who did I learn the most from?
  • What do I want to learn in the new year?
  • Am I in alignment with my abundance?
  • Did my overall health improve in the past year?
  • Did I gain or lose muscle or fat in the past year?
  • Was my eating healthy or unhealthy as a habit?
  • How many times did I workout every week? Did I improve my flexibility, movement or stamina? Did I follow my health plan?
  • Is my body getting the nutrition I need? Did I feel younger or older?
  • How did I deal with stress and anxiety?
  • How was my mental health?
  • What is my health goal for the new year?
  • Do I have a prosperity mindset or a scarcity mindset?
  • Am I well compensated for my gifts, work and services?
  • How did I manage my money?
  • Did I save, invest, invest back in my spiritpreneur business? Did I have a plan?
  • Did I give to charities and causes i believe in?
  • What is my plan for the new year?
  • Am I making my money work for me?
  • Do I feel comfortable with my current financial situation?
  • What new money habits do I need to develop in the new year?


I love the law of attraction planner.

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