Damali aka The Glitter Priestess brings her magic to manifesting a fun and fabulous Isaac Mizrahi shopping free. She was gifted with a beautiful Isaac Mizrahi trench coat, bag, and more.

The Glitter Priestess Brings Her Manifesting Magic to Fashion!
“How De-Cluttering got me Free Isaac Mizrahi Haul” by Damali Abrams

Damali in Isaac Mizrahi Coat and Bag

::::Trench Coat & Bag & Band Aids (!!), Oh My… Damali loving her Isaac Mizrahi bag and coat…



“Let me tell you why you’re here.  You’re here because you know something.  What you know you can’t explain–but you feel it.  You’ve felt it your entire life.  There’s something wrong with the world.  You don’t know what it is, but it’s there… It is this feeling that has brought you to me.” ~Morpheus:  “The Matrix”                                                      

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Damali’s Isaac Mizrahi Goodies

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Damali’s Video Transcript on Manifesting

Hi, I’m Damali, the Glitter Priestess.

This video is about how letting go of clutter can help to manifest new things in your life. If you know about the law of attraction, the universe abhors a vacuum.

So, if you’re wanting to manifest new things, you got to let go of the old. If you’re holding on to all these old things like, “Where’s my stuff?”, you have to hold my hands, create a space to invite new things into your life.

Likewise, if you are stuck in the energy of your old life, old thoughts, then it’s going to be very difficult (maybe impossible) to create the new things that you want in your life. What you’re telling the universe, when you’re holding on to old things is that’s the energy you like, that’s the energy you want to stay in. And when we’re trying to manifest new things, we want to tell the universe that we’re welcoming new things.

So, this whole year my sister and I have been on a mission to get rid of clutter, get rid of old energy, make room for new things. I had some pretty big intentions going into 2015 and so I knew I had to let go of a lot of old things to be able to bring in those new things.

Abiola and Amanda Elise did a webinar a couple of weeks ago. They were encouraging people to get rid of clutter. So, that was another motivation to get rid of more stuff. Shortly after, I got rid of a bunch of clutter after that webinar.

Then Abiola’s like, “Hey! Do you want to do a creative post for Isaac Mizrahi and you get $200 worth of free stuff?” I’m like, “Yes, of course I’d want to do that.” Very shortly after I got rid of a bunch of clutter, I got this great new opportunity to $200 worth of free stuff and it was things that I needed.

So, I got this amazing Isaac Mizrahi trench coat with a hoodie, very stylish, very cute, very perfect for the transition in weather that we’re going to have soon that I’m not looking forward to it at all because it’s been a beautiful, amazing summer. But of course, autumn is on her way. So, I ordered this trench coat that’s really nice, really fly. It fits me very well. And it has a hoodie on it, so it’s right up my alley.

And I got this really fly bag, cerulean bag that I love. I needed a new bag also because I wear my bags down. I always fill my bags all sorts of things. So, I got that. I also got this amazing facial mist. It’s called True Isaac Mizrahi Mineral Hydrating Mist. It has ylang ylang, lavender, orange and other essential oils.

Next, I got Isaac Mizrahi band-aids. Designer band-aids, can you imagine? I’m keeping it in my studio in case I have any need for band-aids. I have very cute band-aides.


Oh! And the other thing that I got, I also got fabulous glitter priestess nail polish – gold glitter nail polish, how perfect is that? Oshun energy, glitter priestess energy, all the fabulous things.

Speaking of Oshun energy, I’m really grateful. I’m really excited. I got things that I like. I get to promote something that I actually liked and get free stuff, so it’s exciting! And I’m still getting rid of more and more clutter because there are more and more things that I’m working on manifesting.

I’ve gotten some amazing job opportunities right when I needed them and things have been flowing really well. I’ve been meeting some amazing people. I got some old Afro Funk for free. So, get rid of the clutter.

For me, I tend to keep everything. My excuse as an artist, I’m always like, “Oh, no! But I can use that for something later. I’m going to use that in a project.” And often, I do, but it’s so much stuff that I’ll be all right, I’ll get more stuff.

And that’s something that Abiola and Amanda Elise was saying. That mentality that you’re not going to be able to get more, that you have to hold on to everything because you can’t get more, that’s telling the universe that you’re carrying more of an energy of lack instead of energy of abundance which is, “Let me get rid of this junk. I will be able to manifest whatever I need in the moment when I need things.” And that has happened.

I’ve gotten rid of tons of magazines. I never want to throw away my magazines. For one, I love, love magazines and I love to collect them. Also, I use magazines in collages. But this year, I had to get rid of a lot of my magazines. I’m moving to this studio space and this communal space where people can leave things for other artists to take, pile of amazing magazines that I’ve been using for the collage that I’ve been making.

So, the universe will provide. We just have to open. We just have to have faith. We have to believe. Keep our energy open, keep our energy free and flowing.

So, I hope this is helpful to you in some way. Let me know how you’re letting go of your clutter. Let me know how you’re manifesting in your life in the comments. Please share. Please subscribe. I’m happy to see you guys again and happy to be making videos again. Bye!