Dating Advice: Can Mixing Love & Religion Work for You? Interfaith Love, Marriage and Advice, video below.
Ah, love and religion.

Christian. Jewish. Muslim. Wiccan. Talk about love, sex, dating and drama.

Can Interfaith relationships work? How do you know if a mixed faith relationship is for you?

Chelsea Clinton found love with someone of a different faith and so far it looks like all systems go– but what about for you? Several of my girlfriends have had the experience of dating a great Jewish guy only to learn that he has already decided that he can only commit to a Jewish wife — and vice versa. Yikes.

If you’re getting serious about the person you’re dating then you and your beloved need to ask and answer a series of questions before commitment:
  • How important is your religion to you?
  • Are you a tolerant person?
  • How does your family feel about a mixed religion union and most importantly, how do you feel about what your family thinks of your love life?
  • Do you have concrete plans (or care to) about your future children and religion? Watch!

Whether your relationship is interfaith, interracial, or a mix of planets, I wish you abundant love. And may I suggest a fabulous Indian themed wedding capped off with delicious bad girl sex? Enjoy! This video is part of Tina Tobin’s LuvEm Or LeaveEm love advice series.

Hey, I know that this video is slightly outta sync but shift happens. If you can’t see this video click here to watch: Marrying outside of my religion: Should I be in an interfaith relationship?

*Here’s a viewer who disagreed with me and said, “No, Interfaith Relationships for Me!”