Single Women in Europe: Black Girl in Berlin, Germany Travel Guide; Where to Go For Fun and Culture
Abiola & Ines in Germany
On my Berlin film set with my shooter Ines.
I was happily engaged went I when on my solo trip to Berlin. I have had to travel a great deal alone because of work so I have the Single Woman Traveling thing down to a science. However, I didn’t think that I would get along with Berlin, Germany.

Between the Berlin Conference where the European nations met to divide the African continent for colonization and the fact that at least 25,000 Afro Germans were killed in concentration camps, I felt no connection. Plus, how much techno music can one woman take?

So when I received an invitation to shoot my short film “Stranded” in Berlin I was wary. Would Berlin even be safe for me as an African American woman traveling solo?

Well, I am pleased to report that I found a thriving Afro German community and became an official Berlin Homegirl. Some Afrodeutsche families have lived in Germany for a couple hundred years. Afro-Berliners are not only descendants of African American World War II GIs, but many biracial people are the children of African fathers who left them to be raised by their German mothers.

Are you ready to travel? More than 75 percent of Americans don’t have a passport. Do you have yours? The world is yours. Claim it. Here’s what to do in Berlin, Germany— and my Berlin Homegirl Travel Diary.


PLUS watch the short romantic comedy film “Stranded” directed by me, Abiola, in Berlin, Germany. Yay!