Want to Find Soulmate Clients for Your Heart-Centered Business?

This is Better Than Ideal Client Avatar Profiles

Want to know how to create your customer or ideal client avatar for your business?

Looking to fill out an soulmate client profile? Let’s go from demographics to psychographics.

This is key to how to find clients for your business as a heart-centered entrepreneur: coach, healer, creative consultant.


From Ideal Clients to Soulmate Clients

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Hey Goddess!

Abiola here — and  I’m the founder of the Spiritpreneur Guru Academy for coaches, healers and creative consultants. And today I’m answering a question that I got I think three times this week in different forms.

So the question in different forms was about your ideal client. One person asked me how I know that my, uh, that I want to work with women. Uh, how do I start that? Which is a way of saying, you know, my ideal client is women. Another person asked me, you know, do you have an ideal client profile that I can download, which of course we do in the Spiritpreneur Guru Academy.

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And congratulations to everybody who has already signed up for this round of the Spiritpreneur Guru Academy. There are going to be more and more opportunities for us to delve deep one on one in your business, but also you have an amazing community.

So anyway, so then someone else asked me about ideal clients in general.

So here’s the deal. We call your ideal clients, your soulmate clients in the Academy. Goddess Dawn, did you get up to those lessons about your soulmate clients. And this is really, really important because you’re entering into a relationship with your soulmate clients.

And so if you have in your head that you’re, you’re wanting to somehow sell a group of anonymous, nameless, faceless people, that ain’t it. That’s not the way to go. If you have in your head that you have a way to uplift, transform, entertain, share with teach enlighten a group of people that you are madly in love with, that you care about deeply, no matter what your niche is, whether it’s loving relationships, health and fitness, fashion and beauty, money and business, you know, impacts and you know, empowerment, whatever it is, and you’re like, oh my goodness, I have this incredible answer and I want to be who I wish existed for me. Now you are on the exact right track because none of us. The first thing I want you to think about when you’re thinking about who your soulmate client is, or ideal client as it’s called in the general world, is that nobody’s for everybody.

And even if it’s, say you were going to say women over 35 or women over 40 living in Manhattan. Yeah, that would include me, but it would include a lot of people who are not like me and not just thinking about demographics because a lot of people tend to think when you think of ideal client, that’s why you. So clients tend to think of demographics like, oh, okay, you know, a black woman living in this city,  or a Jewish woman living in that city, that, or an Irish American living in. No, you want to be, you want to be deeper than that because we as people are way deeper than that. You could go and, you know, one of my neighbors who is also 40, you know, 40 something woman, um, similar cultural background and we have absolutely nothing, nothing, nothing in common, you know.

And so you want to think about not only the demographics which are important, but also the psychographics. And heres where we go deep. When you’re getting to know someone, when you’re getting to know your soulmate clients, it’s just like when you are dating someone, right? You want to, dating means gathering data. You want to listen more than you speak and get to know them, get to know, you know, think of them as a very specific person and got us dawn. This is relevant for you. You know, as an author, as a coach, you know this is relevant for people who are speakers. You’re not going to speak everywhere. Your book is not going to appeal to everyone, but that’s okay because that group of people that it appeals to, we’re going to so warm it and boom, blow it up to a best seller because there are enough of us with seven plus billion people on the planet.

When you go deeper, rather than trying to go wider and before everybody, there are enough of us to come and make your book, Your Business, your course, your product, a runaway success. Okay, so you don’t have to worry about that. You’re not going to lose out on money or customers or shine or any of that by going deep and speaking specifically to someone’s needs. So you want to know what their wants and needs are. What are the wants and needs of the tribe that you serve? This person that you are envisioning, some people call it an Avatar, creating an Avatar. What are her or his or their fears? What are they afraid of? You know, what do they, what do they say that they want versus what they really want? Tell me what you want with you really, really want, you know, what are their pains?

Like what keeps them up at night, you know, that maybe nobody knows about or that one person knows about, right? What are their successes and failures and how do they view of success and failure? We all have different ways that we view success and failure and you’ve got to be able to speak to that for your soulmate client if you’re going to offer them something that they’re going to want to buy. You know, I use this example today in the VIP group, you know, thinking of like, okay, an egg, a beautiful egg that has all of your gifts and talents, right? As for me, for my tribe as Spiritpreneurs, you know, coaches, healers, consulted the women who are entering into be able to work with me. Coach Rozz. You saw this example earlier, all of your examples in the egg, right? All of your gifts, your talents that you came to share in the egg, and then on the other side is your, um, your soulmate client and the things that they need that they desperately need and desperately are wanting.

So there’s a place where those things intersect. Then there’s a third circle, but I only have two hands and it’s what are they willing to pay for it? Because here’s the stuff that they need, but what are they willing to pay for it that intersects. So where are those three things come together? Is your sweet spot in terms of your offering? Okay. Now you also want to think about, okay, what, how does this soulmate client, what is their objective? What’s their intention? You know, what is their pressing thing for this year? You know, are you going to come in now and try to convince them that their thing is that they want to lose weight when they’re focused on, I want to find love, you know, be where someone is. Listen to them, learn from them and serve them in that way. And so what do your soulmate clients want from you?

Here’s what they want from you. What we all want. If I’m working with you and you were my coach, my heel, my consultant, I would want you to believe in the possibilities for me. And so it was so funny because a few days ago I was sharing with you how my kickboxing teacher, you know, said, all right, well Aviola Yola when you get more coordinated, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I was like more coordinated, dude, you’re going to be waiting a long. The cool thing was yesterday was a kickboxing, kickboxing and I was doing in my, um, you know, my Jab, Cross, Jab, cross, et cetera. And suddenly, you know, like when they were like, okay, if America, you know, you know, um, roundhouse kick me other doing a whole combination where usually I’m like, uh, I suddenly felt more coordinated. They envisioned it for me, I envisioned it for me and I’m stepping it.

And it was like. And also is what your soulmate clients want from you. For me, for each and every one of the incredible women that I’m privileged to have them spread their dreams in my heart, you know, like with goddess dawn and her book, for example, or coach Ross and her starting over movement. Visualize just like you do. I visualize and see very clearly your success. And if I couldn’t see it for you, then what would be the point of me working with you? And that’s what you want. That’s what you want from any coach, healer, consulted. But that’s also who you want to be as a coach. Healer, consultant. Alright, my labs. So let me know what you think of that. If you’re already in this Spiritpreneur Guru Academy, definitely spend some time doing the soulmate client work. It is really, really important because again, you can’t sell to anybody, everybody and you can’t sell to people who you don’t have any connection with them.

They don’t have a connection with you. So make sure that you’re talking to the right people and if you, you, you are wanting to build, launch your own courses or one on one coaching or healing or consulting practice or um, build your tribe, build your income, then definitely come get started for free with my free spiritual selling secrets master class that I developed for people like us who want to sell without selling, who hate selling, have no relation to wanting to be a used car salesman. And that’s free at rich goddess, that club richgoddess.club. And if you’re looking for just the free info page about the Spiritpreneur Guru Academy, it’s manifestyourbusiness.com. All right, my loves. I’m off to start my weekend and this cold, cold, cold environment, these seen be heard be an amazing movement. I believe in you. You got this.


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