How to Glitter Shoes: DIY Sparkly Shoes Video

Passionista Principle: There is no fashion problem that a little glitter or sparkle can’t help!

Artist Damali Abrams

My mother is a very feminine girly-girl woman and she raised my sister and I as really girly-girls too. 

We are from a family of awesome women. Powerful queens like my wise Aunt Pearl, fierce Aunt Silvy, fashionable Aunt Vanny, outspoken Aunt Wendy and my fun, caring Mommy. Feminine power reigns supreme, but not in a weeping willow way, but in a bad ass, head held high, brilliantly genius smart, well rounded, Passionista goddess way. The women in my family (on my mother’s side) rock and roll with the punches.

Photo: Damali

My sister Damali, an emerging artist, is also the MacGyver of fashion. Give her some contact cement or rubber cement and a handful of buttons and she’ll wind up with hat, dress or a new pair of shoes. Damali is also a filmmaker, TV personality and vlogger. I look forward to sharing her videos with you here.

How to Make Glitter Sparkly Shoes

In this video Damali makes purple glitter shoes– and shows us how to do it!! Damali made her sparkly shoes with her trademark ballet flats. (She grew up as a dancer.) I’l be making mine this Summer as a pair of glitter platform heels. Watch her “get sparkle-fied!”

Find Damali and her Self Help TV on youtube. If you can’t see this video click here for “How to Make Glitter Shoes.” Watch Damali Abrams weekly in NYC Sundays 1 pm EST Manhattan Residents: Channel 34 Time Warner Cable Channel 82 RCN Channel 33 Fios Streaming live at on MNN1.