Inspirational Songs for Women: Why You Need A Fight Song Playlist
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Inspirational Songs for Women

MY FIGHT SONG PASSIONISTA PLAYLIST: Inspirational Songs That Have Helped Me!

(Contemporary Inspirational Song Playlist in no particular order; Click links to play songs.)



Hello Sacred Bombshell,

Let’s talk about the power of music.
Bill T Jones
Photo: Dancer Bill T. Jones by Russell Jenkins

Happy International Women’s Day!

So why is there a picture of a man?

A while ago I was a student at a theater program for creatives and artists at The Kitchen in New York City. The Sidney Khan Institute brought incredible lecturers to inspire us like The Beatles widow and artist Yoko Ono (yes she’s still alive!) and dance legend Bill T. Jones. Bill T. Jones was incredible. Bill T. Jones is a choreographer and dance genius.

I can’t recall the context now but I remember that I received the most helpful inspirational advice from Bill T. Jones. I remember that he looked at me and said, “Baby girl, if you don’t have a fight song, get one, because life is hard.”
I don’t know whether this master of movement meant this literally but I took it that way. When I was going though the end of my marriage and the major relationship of my life, music saved my life on a daily basis. Music was a part of my therapy.
If you’re going through rough times or just to keep your life in a passionista power zone I am passing this advice to you. Get yourself a fight song right now if you don’t already have one.

What is a fight song?

A fight song is a song that reminds you of your truth. A fight song is the soundtrack for who you want to be. When we are going through the mire and daily B.S. of life we can forget our truths. We can temporarily lose our power.

A fight song and a fight song playlist will keep you going. Music moves us on an unconscious level.

Dr. Wayne Dyer did “power versus force” tests with his son to demonstrate that positive music can make you stronger on a physiological level.

What inspires me may not be what inspires you. So feel free to grab my fight song playlist OR create your own. My Fight Song criteria is a song that gives me positive energy and makes me feel unstoppable.
When to play your Fight Song Playlist? When you workout, when you want to have a solo dance party, when you want to have a personal pity party, when life gets to hard, when life is awesome and amazing!
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By the way…

I first talked about the inspirational “Fight Song” theory back in the days on my inspirational audio podcast on iTunes.

Check out my Stop Self Sabotage audio track here where I talk about the power of music.

Plus, check out the lovely Jen Cross on the blog Writing Ourselves Whole” talking about the power of Fight Songs.

Note: This blog uses affiliate links. That only means that if you happen to any any of the fight songs above I may make a small percentage but the price is the same regardless.

So what do you think? What songs inspire you? Do you have a fight song?


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