New 2-minute self-love video blast from the frozen tundra! A snow-powered lesson on BREAKING out of your comfort zone…

My Sacred Bombshell,

Happy Snow Day, gorgeous! l’m ’bout that snowman life. Are you? Just made a fun “walking in a winter wonderland” video making snow angels about being comfortable.

Your comfort zone may be safe and comfy but it’s not the place to manifest what you want. We have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. If you are a spiritpreneur or an entrepreneur, this is the difference between success and missing your mark.


Why Your Comfort Zone Should be Toast! Watch…

::::If you can’t see the video above, click here to watch on YouTube.

Bonus Self-Love Lesson

Look how gorgeous the naked and bold winter trees are– even as Mother Nature teaches us how to shed the old to make room for SPRING and new blessings! As we say in Guyana, “Soon Come”