Hey Goddess! I just want to let you know about my friend Leora Edut’s new book “Goddess on the Go.” I have known Leora for a long time — she was my exquisite makeup artist when I was a host at BET, Black Entertainment Television. She rocks!

Keep reading and check out a Spiritpreneur School podcast conversation we had about her journey to self-empowerment. 

If you enjoyed my last book about self-love and feminine power, “The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love,” then you will definitely enjoy Leora’s new book “Goddess on the Go.”

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Leora Edut of Goddess on the Go

Goddess on the Go by Leora Edut


My Thoughts on Leora Edut’s Goddess on the Go Book —

All hail the power of the goddess! The time has come for you to go from fear to truth, from hiding to ready. This is the book that will get you there. Goddess on the Go live is a powerful transformational event filled with feminine power, mysticism and the magickal healing energy of self-love. Now Leora Edut brings the energy and rituals of her incredible live events to the page.

This book is a must have for any goddess seeking to go deeper her spiritual journey of self-exploration, self-acceptance and personal empowerment. I dare you to take this ride with Goddess Leora. As a master coach, speaker, media personality and author, I meet many teachers who are afraid to go beyond the surface. Leora boldly goes where others fear to tread.




Leora Edut of Goddess on the Go


Leora Edut on My Spiritpreneur School Podcast

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Goddess on the Go by Leora Edut

Book Overview from the Author

Goddess On The Go: Rituals to Help You Slow Down and Slay by Leora Edut

Leora walks you through her life’s journey-to-date, from gangster to goddess! She’s come full circle after

almost going to prison — twice — and chasing “the good life,” rubbing elbows with the rich and famous,

only to find that the pure gold was inside, all along.


We’re at a time when women are rejecting the patriarchy and rediscovering that the DNA of sisterhood is

in all of us. We are reclaiming our bodies, our voices, and realizing that, together, we are a force!

It’s okay for us to be mysterious, sexy, and powerful. Every layer of you is gorgeous!


Ritual is a way to witness another goddess in her emotional glory and allow her to feel safe and seen.


The tools shared in this book by experts such as the AstroTwins and Bernadette Pleasant support you in:

  • • embracing all your feelings from anger to sensuality
  • • allowing your body to become the compass that leads you
  • • bringing the Divine Feminine to all areas of your life, from the board meeting to the bedroom
  • • finding freedom to dance with your sensuality
  • • falling so deeply in love with yourself that you know you are the entree and your partner is the
  • dessert (there just to enhance all that you already are!)

It is Leora’s belief that, if women came out of isolation and immersed themselves in a community where

they felt safe and “held” in the #MeToos, systematic racism, sex trafficking, child brideship, and the

places where women often find themselves not having a voice would transform at a rapid rate! “We would

truly have each other’s back. Trauma wouldn’t be shamed or judged.” Leora’s vision is that women will

read this book together in book clubs, support each other’s desires and dreams…and create global


Leora Edut Book -- goddess divine empowerment

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New book for women empowerment

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