You are a goddess.

So why are you still playing small, doubting your worth, and betraying yourself?

My new Hay House book, African Goddess Initiation, is a sacred feminine initiation journey of self-love, soul care, and self-care rituals, tools, and affirmative exercises inspired and gifted by the goddesses of the African diaspora…

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The Emancipation of You: Teach the Babies


Happy Thursday, Goddess!

Pour rum.
Pour honey.
Pour sea water.

Let’s talk emancipation, liberation, and true freedom on this — Emancipation Week.

Can you see the magical photo ABOVE of our (yours and my) niece we have never met in Brazil?

I love all of the pics of you holding and reading and doing the rituals in my new book African Goddess Initiation — keep ’em coming, please!

But my absolute favorite pic is this magical one above.

Goddess Rachel in Brazil sent me this photo of her beautiful and intuitive niece as they watch my Goddess Temple live broadcasts on Hay House together. (We resume LIVE this week Sunday at 11am EST on FB & IG @abiolaTV and Wednesday at 2pm EST on @ hayhouse on IF & FB.)

Goddess Rachel and her niece both have such powerful energy. I burst out crying when I saw this image all the way from Brazil. She gave me permission to share it with you.

In my head I have named this photo, “teach the babies.”

Goddess Antranette, who is featured on page 106 of my new Hay House book, African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity and Joy taps into the energy of liberation by doing womb divination.

When she saw this image of this magical child on my Instagram, she commented, “Whew. Wasn’t that what this is all about!”

And it is true.


And don’t ever let anyone tell you that your voice doesn’t matter.

I was told that sharing the way of the goddess was a dead end.

If we don’t heal it we pass it on.

If we don’t remember it, the next generation won’t have it to even forget.

As we heal ourselves, we heal those who came before.

As we reclaim ourselves, we heal those who come after.

We are local.

We are global.
We are cosmic.
We are brand new and ancient.

I look forward to the books, podcasts, classes and things we can’t even imagine that baby girl will create in the future.

She is Yemanja. Yemaya. Yemoja.
She is Oxum. Osun. Oshun.

She is the fire next time, the fire this time, mother and daughter of the Earth and ether.

She is me and I am she.
I am you and you are we.

This week we celebrated Emancipation Day throughout the English-speaking Caribbean on August 1st. Read more about this in Goddess Sitira’s Sanctuary on page 148 of African Goddess Initiation.

Pour rum.
Pour honey.
Pour sea water.

For my ancestors, not far over from Brazil, after the enslaved people were “freed” from chattel slavery in Guyana, South American, a 4 year period of “Apprenticeship“ was enacted where they were required to continue working for free. So freedom wasn’t freedom. It was the illusion of freedom. Then the enslavers were paid reparations for losing their “income!”

Every year on Emancipation Day, amongst other things, I owe it to my ancestors to assess where I am creating the illusion of freedom in my life rather than really living it.

When I was chained to a job I didn’t like, or an emotionally abusive relationship, I was not truly living free. The golden chains are the ones that look good, but still make us miserable. There are still many systemic chains disguised as isms, but oftentimes for me, the mental chains are the strongest.

So Happy Emancipation, my friend-
How do you live free in your own life?
How do you free yourself?

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Love and magic,

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