“She KNOWS that she is a CONJURER, an alchemist, a fierce creatrix.

She is a woman who can REBIRTH HERSELF at any time and CREATE as she chooses.”
-The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love

Your Sacred Bombshell Creation Declaration

(To light a fire under your yearnings…)

Read today to your fine goddess self:

“I am a creator. Life has spread desires under my feet and I have tread carelessly. I have asked the world for puny results and that is what I have received. No more. My purpose is to create a delicious life. My life is a gift from my Creator and what I do with it is my gift in return. I am a new woman today and I am creating my best life right now.

I have dream today, and it is coming true.

There is a goddess, a Sacred Bombshell in me whom I have shrouded in shame, guilt, and doubt. Because I was afraid of her life-creating power, I tiptoed through my life. This ends right now. I have a dream, a want, a need, a desire to give birth to my life.

I am extraordinary.

Previously I suspected this fact, but I know it now to be the unmistakable truth: I am extraordinary. Out of millions of sperm, only one was able to fertilize the egg that nested me. I am a winner, successful before I was born, the product of a miracle. I exist for a reason. Before today I lived a selfish life – keeping my gifts a secret – but now I am a woman with a mission.

Would I be given desires without the power to bring them into fruition?

I am reborn today.

I cast off victimhood and walk forward into a blindingly bright future of fulfilled promise. Kindred souls who recognize this new me may join me on this journey. I see my desires already fulfilled and I claim them.

With every step that I take, every word that I speak, I am here to be of service.

If my purpose is to sweep streets, then I will scrub them until they gleam with a diamond-encrusted broom. Passers-by will catch this gleam in their hearts and feel my joy. For this I am so grateful.

And so it is.”
love thyself rock thy life

Hello Gorgeous,

I thought that a Creativity Meditation felt right for today.

Spring is a time of rebirth!

Are you birthing something new?

Today’s meditation is meant to enhance your creative powers.

YOU are a SACRED EXPRESSION of the most powerful force in the Universe.

How are you sharing that power with your brothers and sisters on the planet?

So many of you are birthing and creating SUCH exciting things.

I am THRILLED about your evolution – and mine as we begin our Become the Guru Bootcamp tomorrow.

Whoo hoo!

Will you be joining us?

It’s going to be exciting to look back at our creative “babies” a year from now to see how much we’ve evolved.

Whoo hoo, again!

So, my goddess, my sacred bombshell, my lovely, here’s this week’s guided meditation break — for your creative power.



Creativity Meditation Break

[Soundcloud Link] xoxo, Abiola


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