Hey My Goddess,

YAY –SO excited that you are here. Are you a Spiritpreneur? A Coach, Healer, Empowerment or Creative Guru who wants to build a prosperous business online with a rockstar message and platform? As Spiritpreneurs, we must be focused on inner game AND outer game. In other words, it’s about soulcare plus skills and strategy.

If you participated in my free 14-Day Unblock My Energy Shift, that was all inner game. Manifestation also requires outer game — taking INSPIRED ACTION. My monthly Manifest Your Magic Moon Circles are all mindset and manifesting – self-creation.

The Spiritual Business Success Camp is all radical action. You DOUBLING your Spiritpreneur Business means doubling your message, your INCOME and reach AND us doubling the light, magic and positivity in the world.

As spiritual business people we are naturally dreamers. We live in our heart chakras. Building a business and manifesting your BIG BOLD BRAVE dreams requires us taking radical action. That’s what this mini course is about and that is what my upcoming 2017 spiritual business coaching group, The Spiritpreneur Warrior Business Sisterhood is about.


Hey Goddess,

Happy Day 6 of our 12 Days of Blissness

Today’s Spiritual Business Success Camp lesson is content marketing.

Listen now!

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If you’re building a lifestyle brand based on YOU, then your truth is the foundation for your content. Think Oprah. So what you story about you can your audience draw strength, guidance, support or connection from?

Listen HERE now – I share at least 10 examples of what exactly content marketing is for us as Spiritpreneur Warrior Sisters — coaches, healers, bloggers, artists and artisans.

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