Seeking a Spiritual Entrepreneurs Academy?

You are in the right place.

You are a conscious and soul-centered expert and in addition to being an award-winning author, speaker, columnist and spiritual teacher, I’m a Spiritual Entrepreneur Transformation Coach.

My passion is working with Spiritpreneurs like you. 

What is a Spiritpreneur?

Hey Goddess~

I’ve re-opened the doors to my badass Spiritpreneur Guru Academy to celebrate my bday.
The Spiritpreneur Guru Accelerator is a Spiritual Entrepreneurs Academy.

Spiritual Entrepreneurs Academy?


So naturally, folks want to know, “what exactly is a Spiritpreneur, Abiola?”

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A Spiritpreneur is a Spiritual Entrepreneur, a conscious, soul-centered woman coach, healer, practitioner or creative guru such as a writer or speaker.
Your Spiritpreneur niche could be health, fitness, food and wellness, empowerment and spirituality, money and business or beauty and fashion.
You may not know what your Spiritpreneur mission is, but you know that you have one — even if no one know your name.
You may not yet have your voice but you’ll find it.
You are ready to be seen — even if you don’t feel ready.
You deserve to have an abundance of soulmate clients, money and freedom — even if you’ve never made a dime.
Ready to move from Gonna-preneur to Spiritpreneur?
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P.S. A spiritual entrepreneurs academy is the place to build your soul-centered business. Welcome to the Spiritpreneur Guru Academy! Let’s do this.
Spiritual Entrepreneurs Academy: Spiritual Business - Coaching for Coaches and Healers