What does the new age expression love and light mean? Not what you think. It definitely is not about positive thinking. Let’s go deep.


Real talk…

Love and light is not all bubbles and cake and positive thinking.

We are spiritual beings having a very human experience.

Putting a smiley face on the gas tank won’t get us very far.

Sometimes love means that we are angry at injustice.

Sometimes light means showing up completely different for your next personal evolution.

Sometimes love means cutting people out of our lives completely.

Sometimes light means receiving a divine assignment you never anticipated.

Sometimes love and light means confronting your demons— or someone else’s.

Sometimes love and light means marching or kneeling when others want you to just shut up.

People think that a spiritual awakening is harps and bubbles and cake when it is more often like, Woah, ok, WTF.

Stay the course. Live on purpose. Answer your call, your calling and know that you don’t have to answer to human beings. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Love and light is praise for the gift of present moment.

Give thanks!

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Love and Light_ Definition - Not About Positive Thinking at All