My Essence Magazine Passion Party Love & Sex Tips PLUS Video Blog from Damali Abrams
“Abiola inhales a scented bath salt which includes plumeria, a naturally occurring attractant.”

Passionista Principle: Nobody “needs” sex toys. That’s why they’re called toys.
February is the designated “Month of Love.” Last year I celebrated Love Month (Valentine’s Day + Black History for me!) by posing for the Sex Bloggers Calendar for a good cause. More on that in the coming days. This year I am celebrating the Month of Love by being in Essence Magazine’s Valentine’s Day issue. They created a Passion Party for us to discuss women’s pleasure and sex toys– and every Passion Party needs an official Lifestyle Passionista, right?

And the sweetest VDay gift of all, my sister, Damali Abrams, an artist, writer, performer, filmmaker, vlogger, womanist activist you should know, made a Video Blog about me being in Essence Magazine. Check that out below.

Damali actually had me thinking – what if you wanted to know a couple of the tips I shared in Essence but had no inclination, time, funds or racial basis for picking up the magazine? Well then, this is for you. 

In the last Essence post I shared bonus sex toys tips based on the article, below I am sharing some of the actual quotes that I said in the article.

Top Passion Tips I Shared in Essence Magazine
1) About how to help your partner step up his game: I say, “Give encouragement when he hits the spot. A little “Yeah! Yeah!” at the right time can turn your pleasure into a teachable moment.”
2) About not needing sex toys: I say, “Nobody needs them. That’s why they’re called toys.”
3) About White Chocolate Passion Powder: I say, “I love this idea. It makes sex fun, like a game.”
4) About sex toys for singles vs couples: I say, “We must understand that we’re sexual beings even by ourselves. We shouldn’t be waiting for somebody to come along and complete us”.
5) About the discrete mini lipstick vibrator: I say, “If you’re a mom this is perfect for you. Your kids will never go near this.” 
6) About single women dating too much: I say, “Date promiscuously; love monogamously. Dating someone doesn’t mean you’re having sex with them!”

Do you have any passion tips? If so, please share them below!