Take up room. Be unapologetic. Don’t ask for permission. Set clear boundaries. Let it be a hell yes or a heck no. Be me. Indulge. Laugh. Sing. Dance. Step away if I need to. Invest in myself. Bet on me. Eat food that loves me back. Sing. Accept pleasure. Dance like nobody is watching. Don’t take it all so seriously. Speak my truth. Stand tall on the shoulders of giants. Thank the Ancestors. Surround myself with incredible people. Take risks. If I miss, fail forward. Try again. Try again. Try again. Enjoy my own beauty. Enjoy my business. Welcome abundance. Tell the truth faster. Recognize my own light. Make work play. Play. Adore myself. Rock my crown. Work my magix. Allow myself to heal and be healed. Ask for help. Accept help. Give. Receive. Be.

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