Do you have money mindset blocks?

This is a very triggering question — and most of us spiritual entrepreneurs do.

Having money mindset or scarcity mentality issues is not an indictment of our families. You can have money blocks whether you grew up very poor, very wealthy or somewhere in between.

In this session of Spiritpreneur Summer School, we get into the 4 common money mindset issues and mental blocks that keep us from embracing even the idea of financial freedom and wealth.

We absolutely address abundance blocks in my Spiritpreneur Guru Academy.

PLUS BONUS ALERT — we have an Aretha Franklin dance off to honor the Queen of Soul.

Are you in?

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Free Spiritual Selling Masterclass - money mindset blocks

Watch! Money Mindset Blocks

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4 Money Mindset Blocks Keeping You Stuck! Your Abundance Mentality