We all have fears.

Fear is really all that holds us back from the life that we want. Lifestyle guru Jenna Galbut shares her courageous journey on fears into blessings. She is known as a radical truth teller, transformation guide, inspirational writer, mental health hacker, spiritual intuitive, and a motivational speaker.

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overcoming fears with jenna galbut


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Who is Jenna Galbut?

Jenna Galbut is a transformation guide, inspirational writer, mental health hacker, spiritual intuitive, and a motivational speaker. She is a voice for Millennials as she teaches them how overcome fears, and to claim their ultimate fulfilled lives by being who they truly are. In her first year she has built a highly engaged tribe of over 100,000 bright souls who support her mission.

Jenna has spent the last decade of her life seeking, finding, integrating, and teaching healing modalities that truly transform lives. She has trained with shamans of the Amazon jungle, Cabbalists of Israel, all the way to leaders of the personal development field in the US. She carries a degree from Cornell University where she studied psychology, neurology, and philosophy.

She has also undergone yoga instructor training as well as heart path life coach training. She has integrated into her coaching many mystic teachings from the east and the west. Jenna’s education, client experience, and personal story make her a well-rounded healer and teacher. As a young child Jenna was diagnosed with depression disorder, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, OCD, and dyslexia. She also experienced years of eating disorders, sexual assaults, and various childhood traumas.

Since she was seven years old she was told that she would not be able to be happy unless she took medication for the rest of her life. After attempting to take her own life, at twenty she woke up unexpectedly and decided to change her life. In six months she did the impossible: she healed herself. Thus began her mission to find out and pack that knowledge into a system that could help others achieve the impossible in their lives too.

Through inner work, believing in her intuition, following her higher self, and answering her soul’s calling Jenna broke through every wall that attempted to limit and confine her. She taught herself how to feel blissful, how to love, how to be empowered, how to be fulfilled, and now, at twenty-six, she is living her purpose teaching others how to do the same thing.

Jenna ignites and illuminates the path for her fellow human beings so that everyone can find the deep well of self love stored within them. She dreams of a world where there is no suffering. A world where we are all free to live and be our best selves. All of her work is dedicated to this goal.

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