Are you ready for a shift? A sacred energy shift? This is especially for the lightworkers, changemakers, healers, coaches and speakers. That’s right! For my spiritpreneur sisters. 

This Energy Shift is for YOU if: *You are a woman leader who feels blocked from her greatness, *If you are a coach, healer, speaker, writer who wants to make her mark, *If you KNOW that the biggest thing holding you back is YOU. *You can identify with the words “wounded healer.”

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permission-slip-ritual-assignmentHey Goddess!

This is a moment for sacred healing and personal evolution. See theempowerment rituals and assignments your sisters are making here [link].

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Hello Gorgeous!

I hope that you enjoyed having the weekend to get caught up on all of our sacred and transformational healing rituals, practices, and prompts.

I peeked in to our Facebook Sister Circle and see that some of you have been very busy.

I am really excited to get in there and see the magic you have been making.

This weekend I was honored to speak at the Cornell University Black Women’s Mental Health Summit. Although as the Keynote Speaker my job was just to address the audience and move on, I spent the rest of the afternoon talking one-on-one with these dynamic young women.

Many of them felt the need to have permission to be their true selves. Ironically, many of us are still struggling with the same challenge so many years later.

Our last assignment was to create a Belief Board of new thoughts and beliefs that you would like to welcome into your life.

Today’s ritual is to create a sacred Permission Slip.

This was originally an assignment from The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love where I created a [link] Permission Slip for you.

Now, you are creating a permission slip for you to live your best life.

What are you giving yourself permission to do?

The SKY is the limit.

Here are some possibilities:

You can give yourself permission

  • to be happier than you’ve ever been,
  • to leave the relationship,
  • to love yourself,
  • to live abundantly,
  • to be healthy,
  • to surpass your family,
  • to get into a new relationship,
  • to start or grow your business,
  • to release the weight,
  • to have money…

You get the picture.

It is YOUR PERMISSION SLIP. Make it BOLD, make it beautiful – this is your life we are fighting for.

Love and magic,