Hey Cupcakes!
In NYC, the wonderful writer Rachel Kramer Bussel (pretty in the pink dress) celebrated the 4th anniversary of her erotica reading series In The Flesh at Happy Endings. RKB is the only goddess I know who can be seen baking cupcakes on day with Martha Stewart and waving a fabulous gold vibrator at a podium the next.
The sexerati were in the house: the creators of the NYC Sex Blogger Calendar for Sex Worker Awareness, Debauched Diva, Urban Gypsy, and Audacia Ray; Sexpot Twanna Hines, The Funky Brown Chick, Modern Courtesan Coach Yolanda Shoshana, writer Nando Rodriguez, Burlesque dancer N, as well as Feminista author Erica Kennedy and much, much more. I was honored to grace the stageto read a piece about a one night stand of sorts.
(Warning: NSFW and Family members not allowed!)