Does Size Matter?

David Beckham: Does Size Matter?

Hey Cupcakes,
This week’s episode of Planet Abiola’s Kiss and Tell asks Does size matter in the bedroom? This episode is part of Tina Tobin’s Luv Em Or Leave Em Advice Team.
One look at David Beckham in his Armani pants… um, ads and we know that Hollywood thinks that size matters. Recently Fergie revealed that with husband Josh Duhamel size definitely matters. Dwight Eubanks from Real Housewives of Atlanta apparently has become the poster boy for penile implants, so we know that size matters for him too.
I comb the streets of New York City asking men, women, old, young and even Santa Claus how they feel about size when it comes to matters of love-makin’! What a fun, sexy kiss and tell adventure!

If you can’t see this video click to watch Size Matters on Youtube. And what did YOU think? Find our viewer response Does Size Matter videos here.