Are you playing small? Who would you be if you stepped up and into your power? What would you do if you truly owned your greatness?

This is your moment.

12 Days of Blissness continues…


vision board challenge-- stop playing small



Watch! Growth Mindset and NOT Playing Small

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Hey Goddess,

It’s 12 Days of Blissness Day 3!!

Our Business Vision Board Challenge continues…


How’s your BLISSNESS Vision Board going?


What is one EASY GOAL that you could make happen in 2018 if you stopped playing small?

Not your BIG, SCARY GOALS… we will get to those in a few days.

What’s an EASY GOAL?‬

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I just did an interview for PR Guru Jackie Kotei’s Summit about stepping into your power.

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And a HUGE part of stepping into your BLISSNESS POWER is taking INSPIRED ACTION. We all have spoken or unspoken goals, objectives, bucket lists and things that we want to make happen.



Yesterday’s live 12 Days of Blissness session was about “Marketing as an Introvert and Empath.”


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stop playing small


YAY! My Blissness Vision Board is coming along — now I have to add my DAY 3 PROMPT — What is an easy goal that I could cross off if I stopped playing small… Hmmm….

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