“I Am Unfuckwithable” is a free mindset reset series for Spiritpreneurs. Yesterday, we took a day off for a Surviving Trauma Healing Circle. Today, we are back in the mindset reset game turningour wounds to wisdom.

Today it is Day 6 — where did your limiting beliefs originate? And what do you do with them once you figured it out? Let’s talk aboout how to dissolve these success mindset and money mentality blocks.

“Failure is God’s way of saying you moved in the wrong direction. That’s it. It is just an experience.” -Master Teacher Oprah Winfrey, sharing how to turn your wounds to wisdom.



Roots of Limiting Beliefs: Wounds to Wisdom

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Our limiting beliefs and thoughts are usually based in a story we created around a previous experience.

We turn wounds to wisdom by dissolving these broken beliefs.

  • What are the stories and experiences that created this belief?
  • Do I now today know this belief to be 100% true?
  • Is another story possible?

Where Did the Belief Come From - To Dismantle the Belief

I AM UNF*KWITHABLE Mindset Reset Series


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Where Did Your Fearful Limiting Beliefs Come From_