What can we learn from a savvy veteran of “The Tank” like our Business Bombshell Lori Cheek? Everything!

You can find the Cheekd app and get your dating like together in the iTunes app store or at Cheekd.com.

Meanwhile, join our Shark Tank meets Spiritpreneur School party here. We are talking to Lori Cheek, Shark Tank alum. She has much to share…

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Cheekd App by Lori Cheek

How to Thrive After Shark Tank! By Lori Cheek

This week’s Spiritpreneur Session features Lori Cheek, a smart, innovative, business bombshell and entrepreneur, as seen on Shark Tank!

This episode of Spiritpreneur School is sponsored by the Become the Guru Bootcamp and Lori’s fab app company Cheekd.

Architect turned entrepreneur/ tech startup Founder, Lori Cheek, is turning the online dating world upside down with her new venture, Cheek’d. Check it out!