Here’s a guided meditation for dealing with the mess and madness that our emotions can feel like sometimes…


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Hello Sacred Bombshell,


This is about to get a little TMI-y.

For a long time I would get really extreme PMS.

While I was mostly spared the level of excruciatingly painful cramps that afflict other women in my family, my emotional PMS stuff could easily rage out of control. Dealing with overwhelming emotions was frankly, overwhelming!

Back in my 20s, my doctor prescribed a PMDD medication that for me was really just crazy. For the brief time I was on it, I felt numb and out of touch with who I am. For a highly sensitive person, who is kinetic and processes her world based on her feelings, this medication was awful. I ditched the pills, saw an acupuncturist, and started to do my own research.

I realized that my sugar addiction directly correlated with my crazy periods. When I was in a sugar haze, I had worse PMS. When I am eating cleanly, I have a better experience.

I also now know the purpose of my feelings. I actually dedicate a whole chapter to this — and the difference between feelings and emotions — in The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love.

As so many wise teachers have taught us over the years, our feelings help us to know whether we are in sync or out of sync. How aligned are you with your truth and who you really are? If you feel good, then you and your life are in alignment. If you feel crappy, then you and your life are out of alignment.

You get back into alignment and feel better by reaching for a slightly better taught as Esther Hicks teaches in Ask and It Is Given.

When we are swirling in the midst of personal madness — be it situational, hormonal, or otherwise, it can be hard to see out of it. Yesterday, I found myself having a personal 20 minute stress freak out and then I realized — wait, maybe I’m PMSing. And then i got my period.

So the panic I was feeling was an illusion – a false picture that things are not okay.

I remember back when I jumped off the PMDD medication, my friend Zelma and I came to the wise conclusion that the madness of PMS is meant to whip things up that perhaps we’ve been ignoring and really need to pay attention to. This is the gift of our feelings.


Let us honor what we feel. Let us know that we are in control of our reactions to the out of control things that happen in our lives. Honor your bodies, honor your feelings, honor your emotions. Allow yourself to feel everything you need to feel. Surrender to your power and release the need to run from, numb, or avoid.

I hope you find today’s meditation empowering.
xoxo, Abiola\

P.S. Love you!

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