the single shuffle is the game… i didn’t really create it– i just put it into a board!! we’re playing it anyway, right? you get the rules when my girlfriends and i figure them out! (and no i didn’t realize i had that much deodorant or boobies going on, fyi!!) *lol* any suggestions? it is a bag o’fun, i gotta say. how many qualities should “the one” fill? is there really “one”? play along– then check back in a few months! i am not committing to anyone anymore until 100 dates…

THE Activist The Politician
The Gentleman Handyman Mr. Big Stuff AKA Baller
Nature Guy Dr. Feel Good Mr. Sensitivity Preacher Man
Spiritual Guy
The Body
Blue Collar Babe PhD – The Thinker THE RUGGED INDIVIDUAL Thug Love The
Renaissance Man

Artsy Fartsy Sugar Daddy The Professional
Lawyer Type
The Hopeless Romantic The Boy Toy
Drama King Mr. Generosity –
All About You
Mr. International
Foreign Dude
Mama’s Boy Mandingo