A Gift: Love
by Abiola

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving better or happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness.” – Mother Teresa

Read aloud three times a day: upon rising, at midday, and before retiring at night for optimal mind conditioning. You must repeat this practice for seven consecutive days. Follow these instructions to find your blessings at the end of the road and you will reap a bounty previously unknown by mortal women and men.

Today I remember my birthright and I am a woman in love.

Like the moon, I have no light of my own without love. Love is my dancing sun and I reflect her rays and shine brightly. I am warmed with this fiery light and I share it like sun-water to all whom I encounter.

Previously I believed the lie that my Creator and I were separate. In similar suit I was lulled with the falsehood that I was separate from my brothers and sisters. Now I know that my Creator, who is everywhere, is within me, loving me unconditionally. I return this unconditional love that I am given to every person I meet. I attract what I am and I am love.

I am love. My oneness with my Creator reminds me to spread kindness and hope under the dreams of all whom I encounter. I run, laughing, from complainers as if they have set fire to my delicate feet. As is the golden rule I will love my fellow beings as I want to be loved. I am the lover and the loved. I will love as if I have never been hurt. When I feel a dearth of love, I love more for her well shares infinitely with all who seek to fill it.

I love myself today. I am content because I feel more love than I ever thought possible. This love is more full than romantic or familial love, yet it enhances both. How wondrous and pure this joy is! I release judgment today, freeing myself and those around me.

There is no loneliness in this new place because I am never alone. Everyone around me is awakened by my energy like a warm, urgent summer rain. This is evident when I walk down the street or enter a room. I am able to see my reflection in every creature I meet, and I drench them with this love.

My beloved smiles at me from my mirror. She is strong, graceful and complete with a powerful, generous heart. I am so blessed to be enjoying the love affair of a lifetime. I live on purpose and a thousand kisses tickle my soul.

I love unconditionally, shining my light on those who would curse me. They are deluded as I was, believing the laws of separatism and competition.

I am love and her rays emanate from me like the sun. Her valentine is my life. I am soothed and I am healed because there is only one power. There is only one essence within all human beings and matter. This power is within me and I am a woman in love. This is the time. This is the place. I am the woman.

And so it is, as for this I am so grateful.