My Sacred Bombshell Self-Love Journal Cards are inspiring goddesses everywhere to create a healing self-care practice of journaling.

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Here’s how I came up with the unique look of the cards.

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Greetings Goddess!


This post is long overdue.

I am so excited about my Sacred Bombshell Self-Love Cards.

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Before even embarking on the beautiful journey of divine healing and self-love that these self-care cards take you on, everyone comments first on the unique look of the cards.

Everyone says, I have never seen anything like them!

I have had the spiritual “hit” that these cards were to be born all year.

And I knew right away that I wanted them to be hexagon shaped for a number of different reasons.

This is my 3rd affirmation card deck — and I am CRYSTAL clear, when Spirit tells me how to roll, I roll. 🙂

First came the African Goddess Affirmation Cards, then the Womanifesting Fertility Goddess Oracle Cards.


So when I saw in my mind’s eye that these cards were going to have this “weird” and unusual shape, I didn’t question it.

(Now, I am sure we”ll start to soon see copycats, but that’s the nature of creation!)


Sacred Self-Love Journal cards


Why Did I Choose a Hexagon Shape?

I love to use pattern interrupts as a teacher and a guide.

We are used to seeing affirmation cards look a certain way, when they are shaped differently, we instantly know on a subconscious level that this is a new journey.

In sacred geometry, hexagons are also powerful. I will explain in another post.

Journaling Affirmation Cards for Women


When giving birth to a new creation, I have a “download” from Spirit and then proceed from there.

For example, with my Womanifesting Fertility Goddess Affirmation Cards, I am STILL getting to know that deck. It’s still revealing itself to me in terms of how to use the cards– and I created them!

Clarification: I CO-Created them with the Divine.

SO, I knew that these cards would also be on chakra-based system.

I also knew that I wanted to work closely with a new artist, someone I hadn’t had the pleasure of working with before.


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Enter Instagram, and the lovely Janus Argones-Zate.

She instantly got my divinely inspired self-love journal cards vision — and was able to interpret my charts and graphs AND made up words and terms.

I fell in love with her work and her. We share similar interests and visions. Her work is ethereal and radiates positive energy.

Each card in the deck was lovingly hand-painted with magic by Janus.

We will be collaborating for a long time — we already have the next 5 projects lined up!

Whoo hoo!!


Sacred Wellness Empowerment


Sacred Self-Love Journal cards - I am a creative genius affirmation

Sacred Self-Love Journal cards - journaling prompts

About My Amazing Self-Love Journal Cards Artist!

Janus is a mom, a multi-faceted artist and designer, and a bookworm. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in information technology at UE Manila but was drawn into the more creative side of the industry. A portion of her career was also dedicated to 3D computer graphics and animation since she’s also a huge fan a video games, mainly for their graphics and their stories. She is what other gamers might call, a story-driven player. She got her first experience as a professional creative in graphic and web designing working for a hotel and food enterprise, then moved on to work as a 3d artist for a gaming and advertising firm. A few years ago she decided to quit working an office job and ventured out as a freelance artist.

She has then since worked on various projects, not only for computer based designs but with watercolor and calligraphy as well: from web design, app UI/UX to marketing collaterals; from wedding invitations to home decor art pieces. She also had the opportunity to work with several indie authors and publishers both internationally and locally designing covers of books you may find online and/or in bookstores near you.

She is one of many artists who believe in spreading positivity and kindness to a world that had been so caught up in hate, judgement and pessimism. She is a firm believer of pursuing one’s passion, and inspiring others to discover theirs.

Sacred Self-Love Journal cards


Journaling Prompts Cards for Women


Sacred Bombshell Self-Love Journal Cards



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