Let’s talk about clearing and preparing your sacred cards. This will work for goddess affirmation cards, angel cards, tarot cards, or any kind of oracle cards. Begin with your total environment. A spiritually clean space along with your sacred cards gives a clear reading that is blissfully free of the negative or blocking energy that often collects naturally. This includes energy from other people and things like unwanted energy. Clean energy is the perfect gateway for positive energy. And you definitely want positive energy when you are doing a reading.

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Hey Sacred Bombshell,

As you may or may not know, I am the creator of 2 published decks of positive affirmation cards. My first deck was the African Goddess Affirmation Cards, and my latest deck is the Womanifesting Goddess Affirmation Cards. I am THRILLED because I felt a sacred calling to create each of these decks. I’ve been getting many questions on how to prepare a new deck of cards.

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When we buy a set of inspirational cards or tools, whether positive affirmation cards, tarot cards, angel cards, goddess or oracle cards, there is nothing inherently magical about them. Of course, you can just start using them without any of this. However, I recommend that you clear or cleanse or prepare your cards so you can impart your energy into them. Once you do that, then the cards are ready to receive energy from you so you can use them for divination or readings. Serious readers always ensure that their cards are spiritually cleansed of any outside influences and have their own spiritual imprint on them. This is why we may choose to prepare them before we use them.

When people energetically clear or cleanse their cards they are asking assistance from positive energy to come to the aid of the reading and cards while banishing any bad energy or blockage at the same time. This ensures that a reading will be clear, clean and as accurate a possible. The good or positive energy that the reader imparts on her deck of cards is any good energy that the reader believes in.

The best rule is that there are no rules.
Take what works for you and toss the rest!

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Here are 15 ways readers prepare or clear their sacred cards for readings:

This applies to goddess affirmation cards, angel cards, tarot cards, or any kind of oracle cards.

  • Washing your hands
  • Shuffling the cards with an intention
  • Using power objects such as crystals and crystal grids — and/or putting on any ritual amulets, talismen or religious or spiritual jewelry such as prayer beads
  • Burying or unburying your cards
  • Tying or untying your cards
  • Letting your cards bathe in Full Moon or New Moon Energy
  • Doing breathing techniques
  • Using invocations, vigils and prayers
  • Singing, chanting or playing music sacred to you
  • Creating an altar, placing statues, flowers, pictures, a glass of water, material
  • Using a power name
  • Clearing with incense, smoke and smudging; Some people burn objects
  • Special gestures and offerings, moving within or outside a circle, exchanging gifts, (some people may symbolically know something down or break something)
  • Lighting candles or burning a fire
  • Fasting or feasting on special foods such as eating a special thing or drinking a specific herb or tea

African Goddess Affirmation CardsBy doing a little ritual preparation you are invoking the good energy from the Universe to come in and assist you in your readings. In this way you are giving the cards a little positive charge before you begin. These type of preparations do not have to be religious in nature. They can be non-denominational with whatever the reader believes to be good and positive energy to them. Many readers clear the space and any objects they use before they read also. The whole purpose of cleansing and clearing is to make sure your Womanifesting cards and space are spiritually clean free of any negative debris that accumulates. It is like breathing fresh air spiritually on your cards and space to ensure the best reading you can give.

The idea is that a spiritually clean space along with the cards gives a clear reading free of the negative or blocking debris that collects naturally. This includes energy from other people and things like unwanted energy. Clean energy makes way for positivity. And you want positivity when you are doing a reading.

African Goddess Affirmation CardsIn addition to initial clearings many readers do little cleanings in between their readings to keep their cards clean. This ensures that any negativity that was picked up in a consultation is dismissed and removed before the next reading. Some readers clean themselves and their cards after every reading and others choose to do it periodically. They may do it on a specific day and time on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter how you clear your cards, all that matters is that you are calling good energy to assist you in removing any negative energy.

All types of divination require some sort of energy in order to conduct the reading. Clearing the cards and space eliminates the spiritual residue that the energy builds. This helps reduce the possibility of inaccurate and false readings clouded by that debris.

This is especially true for those readers who let their clients touch the cards. When someone touches a reader’s cards; their cards are then picking up other people’s energy physically and psychically. In that case you don’t want the next reading to have the last person’s energy attached to it. Clearing your card deck and space is like giving them fresh air to breathe. You have to breathe fresh air yourself and so do the cards and your space to help you to give you the best reading you can give.

xoxo, Abiola

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