Manifesting with Affirmations and Chakras – Welcome to Sacral Chakra Manifesting! 

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Sacral Chakra Manifesting with High Vibe Affirmations

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Welcome to Sacral Chakra Manifesting (Hay House Live Replay) with me. This series is Goddesses, Ancestors and Chakras!! Then come find your FLOW with me at the Hay House Summit here: Click here

Find Your Flow - Free Hay house online Conference

00:00 Begin – get this high vibe manifesting jam started!!
2:24 Breath Clearing Chakra Meditation Quickie Break
7:19 About the Sacral Chakra
19:14 About the Hay House Find Your Flow Summit
19:40 Goddess Oracle Card Readings on Manifesting Your Desires


Hey Goddess!

I am a new Hay House author.

My new book, meditations and oracle cards are coming in 2021.

Please come hang with me at my monthly “Goddesses, Ancestors and Chakras” live stream.

Here are the dates to join.

>>Click here to link to last month’s Hay House live on the blog.


Hay House Series Schedule



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Goddesses, Ancestors & Chakras! My New Free Hay House Series

Manifesting with Affirmations & Chakras