This was such a beautiful week! I recorded a new law of attraction course for the women’s adventure site The Lady Alliance. I will be speaking at their NYC event this summer, right before I leave for the Goddess of Paris: Miracles and Manifesting Retreat, so stay tuned. 

But don’t feel like you’re missing out! In late Summer, I will be finally (but right on time) be launching the Womanifesting Course I promised. As I always say, quantum physicists share that there are multiple timelines happening all at once. If you’re familiar with my quantum manifesting merge meditation, here is a sneak peak of one of the video sessions from both the Lady Alliance course and my upcoming full law of attraction Womanifesting Course.


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Quantum Manifesting Merge Meditation

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Meditation Pillow Area - Quantum Manifesting Merge Meditation [Video]


Quantum Manifesting Meditation Transcript

Hey Gorgeous. It’s Abiola, founder of and in this video I’m going to be sharing with you the merge manifesting meditation merge manifesting meditation. At least that’s what I call it. Now, this is a practice, a ritual that I like to do whenever I am calling in a manifestation that maybe is, feels like very somewhat new to me, very distant to me. So I’ll give you an example because when you’re manifesting something, it shouldn’t feel, have the energy of, Oh my God, this is impossible. Or it shouldn’t feel like, oh my God, this is, I’m desperate for that. Desperation is repellant energy. It should feel like, this is the next logical step. Yeah. I could see myself doing that. Yeah. I could see myself with $1 million in the bank. Yeah. I could see myself taking care of my whole family easily and effortlessly.

Yeah. I could see myself winning mom of the year awards. Yeah. I could see myself in my dream home in space. Yeah. I can see myself living and loving with my twin flame. Perfect love. So it should feel like that. The energy of ease, ease. Let’s breathe into that. So for a long time in history, you know, the old Newtonian model, Sir Isaac Newton’s model of time, scientifically was at time, is linear. That time only goes in one direction. That was disproven by Albert Einstein and quantum physicists today who have told us, taught us something completely different. I love that science is catching up with the spirituality every day. So the quantum physicists teach that time is actually all happening at many different planes at once. And the only way that our human brains and human understanding can understand it is to think linear in linear fashion.

However, the way that quantum physicists are seeing it and teaching it and feeling it now is that all these many different planes where time is happening, that you know you, there’s a you that it could be, you know, right now, uh, you that somewhere is a quantum physicist. I use it somewhere is a doctor, another you that is a lawyer. Another you that is a baker. Another you that is a meditation  teacher. Another you that is, you know, the whole gamut, the whole thing. What that means is that in any of us is the possibility of everything, the good, the bad and the ugly, which makes sense because we are all a whole, we are all connected.

You know, it’s a troubling thought if you think of things and humanity that you don’t want to be connected to. But this is a manifesting process here. So I want you to think about what you do want to be connected to and manifesting. You want to focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want. So right now I want to invite you to in this, uh, practice that I have found to be very, very powerful. I want you to think about a scene the same way. If you were a director in a movie and you were going to direct the scene of whatever it is that you’re wanting to manifest.

So the way that it would work would be, for example, when I was wanting to manifest being an international speaker, I would imagine I, the scene that I created was a scene of me with them passport, my cute pink passport case in one hand, my cute pink suitcase. I’m a girl that likes pink for the picture of your own thing, suitcase in the other hand. And me walking through the airport and going over, you know what? It is my, my talk that I’m going to give when I give get there to where ever. That was the scene that I had me walking through the airport and feeling good feeling was feeling energized, feeling excited and thrilled about the experience. Me feeling like it’s just another day in my life. And so the cool thing is, you know, doing this, I then manifested being an international speaker and I’ve spoken in London and The Bahamas, I’m all over the United States, et cetera.

And with some manifestations, and this is what happens. You get your manifestation and then you say, oh, okay. You know, it’s a really hectic, the travel like that. Maybe I want to pull back and be able to, you know, work on my laptop from anywhere in the world and including my home. And so that’s the beautiful thing is that with manifesting, you are molding your life like clay. It’s a co creative dance because the law of attraction is a spiritual law, but it’s only one of many spiritual laws. And the law of divine timing is another. And so in this practice that we’re doing now, the reason I call it the merge manifesting meditation is because you are going to see a you in another time zone, place who is already living your life that you’re wanting to live and you’re going to connect with her or them, you know whatever you beautiful pronouns are, you’re going to connect with this person that is a reflection of you, that is you in a different space and you’re going to just connect with her and she’s going to teach you in an instant imprint you with everything that you would need to know to live her life.

Now, this may sound crazy and fantastical. It should. There was a time where, you know, they said that the earth was flat and the, the idea that there could be round sound an insane and crazy every single thing. The fact that I could be beaming into your living room from my home at one point sounded crazy. You don’t have to believe in it in order for it to work. You know, like we don’t have to believe in gravity in order for it to work. It just is. And so even if this one for you feels like a stretch, just play with it, play with it. Think that is a playful thing. There is a spiritual teacher named Bert Goldman, I believe his last name is, who has, you know, have mastered this beautiful practice and has learned how to paint, learn how to speak people. Other people have learned how to speak different languages, all kinds of things instantly from being able to merge with themselves in another dimension.

Now this is why so many of us experience Deja Vu, right? The feeling of, I know this, this has happened before, or are there, those of us who like me have experienced the Mandela effect, different video, but Google it, which is where, things that are happening in this dimension you remember very, very clearly and concretely being a very, very different, previously. And it makes sense that if all of these beautiful dimensions are unfolding at was that, and there would be crossover. Why would that be any crazier than anything else that is happening? Is it crazy that you know, you could take a breath, inhale and not even know where the exhale is coming from and be granted another breath right behind it. Yes, it’s all crazy, but that’s the beauty of life’s unfolding. We don’t have to understand all of it for it to work.

Okay? So right now, just think about something that you’re wanting to manifest, something that you’re wanting to invite into your life. And as a director, create a rich scene. You can write it down. That’s another part of this practice that works really well. Afterward, you’re going to receive some guidance. Again, you may feel like you’re making it up. It doesn’t matter. You’re going to receive a lot of guidance. I want you to download immediately after. If you don’t have your, manifestation journal, go get it right now. Have it in front of you, have it in front of you and you’re gonna receive downloads. I want you to journal.

Write down everything that you’re being guided to do. If you’re being told, hey, join that a yoga class on the corner, join it. Maybe that’s where you’re so made is if you’re told, hey, answer that, clap that, that a phone call or go on that retreat. We’ve got Abiola do it because this is the next logical step for you. I want you to trust your guidance. And it’s all about focusing on what we, not on what we don’t want, which is what we usually do. Okay. Ready? Yes. Let’s travel through the roots. Hi, my loves. Let’s travel through time and space. So we are comfortable because we are free. We are comfortable because we are safe.

And as we breathe deeply, we allow concerns and fears and thoughts about our material life around us to just fall away. And we tune into the energy of the divine. We tune in to the energy of creation and we tune in to the energy that says that we are worthy and deserving of all good things from that I am worthy and deserving of it. All good things. And I want you to put your hands out in front as we connect to each other through all space and time.

Take a deep breath. And I want you to see in your mind’s eye that you are standing in the middle of a field. You can’t see yourself cause you’re looking out of your own beautiful eyeballs, but you look around it is a huge, incredible field. Oh my goodness. It is a field of your own making. Is it a forest? Is it a jungle? Is it a farm? It’s a field where you feel safe, you feel good. You can laugh and skip and play in this field. And you know that all is well. Affirm that all is well. Yes. And as you look around in this beautiful field, you feel the sudden light on your face. It feels so good. Just to know that you are safe, affirming, I am safe and it is safe to be safe. And as you feel that beautiful sunlight shine on your face, you are grateful because you are having the best day ever.

And now in the distance. Wow, what is that? You see a door, it’s a huge door. Oh my goodness. How strange that a door should appear here in a field, but there’s something magnetic about this door and you feel drawn to this door. You feel pulled to this door. You feel energetically connected to whatever is on the other side of this door. This door is full and wide and big and beautiful and it’s in your favorite color and it’s decorated just like you would decorate it if you are the kind of person who would decorate the door and as you walk confidently through that to up to this door, you don’t know where are those doors leading to a door in a field really, but you trust because you are safe. Affirming. I am safe and it is safe to be safe. You trust because you deserve all good things so far.

Am I am worthy and deserving or ball good things. You trust this door because you trust yourself. Affirm it. I trust myself. You trust this door because every day in every way things are working out for you. Affirming, yes, every day in every way things are working out for me. And as you walk confidently to this door, you’re so excited.

You get wait to see what is behind this door. And as you walk up to it, maybe there are steps may be not. Maybe there’s support, maybe not. It is a door of your own making a door of your own understanding. So it is created in the way that works best for you. And as you walk up to this beautiful, majestic and divine door in this field, you reach out. You touch the handle and it feels so familiar. It feels like everything you have ever known and feels like you have done this already for a thousand lifetimes.

And as you turn the door and you open it and there that appears in the door, it’s like looking in a mirror. What is unfolding in front of you is a you, it seems, it looks like you talks like you, smells like you, feels like you, but you’re looking on a scene, a scene of that you are wanting to manifest and create an invite into your own life. And this scene is so vivid, so colorful. Bring it into full color bowl, right? Beautiful colors. What are the colors in this scene? Look at it. It’s you being doing, having exactly what you want to be do and have seen this incredible scene. What are the colors? Who else is there? How does it be able to be in this scene? Is it exciting? Is it fun? Is it sexy? Is it pleasurable? Is it welcoming?

Is it abundant? Is it rich? What does the scene feel like? It’s powerful and positive and safe. You are safe and it is safe to be safe. And as you’ve watched this sacred scene in front of you with this you who is so very familiar but a you that is perhaps living a different life or made a different choice or to you now see this beautiful and sacred, seen bigger. It’s growing a larger, larger, larger like us. Do you watch a movie in front of you like a massive screen? Oh my goodness. And this you in the scene, she is growing, growing, growing as well and now this beautiful you in the scene turns around and sees you and you see yourself and you are so proud, you’ll feel so excited. You are so jazzed that have majestic and how amazing everything is. You knew that it would be okay.

You knew that things were working out for you and here is proof. Here is evidence right in front of you and this beautiful you reaches down and scoops you up and holds you in her hands and in her arms and tells you that all as well and you are safe and it is safe to be safe and you now put you down and you grow, grow, grow. Until you are the same size as yourself. You are the same size as your power. You are the same size as your strength and you know in your mind’s eye exactly what you are calling and exactly what you are welcoming and exactly who you really are, exactly what you are worthy and deserving of. Yes, this is your time and you connect hands magnetically with yourself and you look into your own eyes like looking into a mirror.

You take a deep breath and this you that you have encountered beyond the door now shares with you energetically, psychically, intuitively all of the knowledge that it took to bring her here, every single thing. She knows where to go, what to do, how to do it, and she is infusing you with the energy, with the power, with the journey and you are feeling it. You are taking it in because it is sacred. It is divine and it is a gift from creation.

It is a gift from the universe that is a gift from the most high and you will give it. You feel it and you drink it and now you know exactly what you have to do. You know exactly where you have to go. You have clarity like never before you have the answers. This is your time. This is the place you are the woman you are creating. You have given birth to your own desires and as you feel now more powerful than ever before. As you are healthy, as you are fit, as you are loving and loved, as you are in love, as your communication channels are clear, as you are happy and joyful, as you feel pleasure and you know you have the power to create. As you trust your intuition and you know that you are the divine.

You take a deep breath and you know that at any time you can come back to this door as you back away lovingly, he lovingly embracing yourself and enter back into this world, calling all parts of yourself back to yourself, calling all parts of yourself back to yourself. And here you are now energized, brighter, smarter, more powerful, more beautiful than you’ve ever been, which is amazing because he started out as perfect to begin with.

Take a deep breath and open your eyes and head to your manifestation journey journal. Namaste, Goddess. The sacred and divine in me embraces the sacred and divine in you. I see you. You did it. Congratulations. Give thanks.