MOTHER’S DAY BLESSINGS || Sending Mother’s Day love to you and your family! I have three friends who lost their moms last year. If you are still lucky to have yours, please hold her dear & if you’re not, but you were loved by a Mom (or many), hold her blessed memory dear. All who we love are still with us.
And if you have been having a challenging time with your own motherhood battle or journey I send you so much love.

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Mommy and Abiola in Belize

Photo with my beautiful Mom in Belize at the Goddess Pray Love Retreat. Happy Mother’s Day Mommy!! I love you!


Hey Gorgeous,

Happy Mother’s Day, my friend!

My favorite all grown up photo with my Mom is above.)

This day has so much mixed energy for so many.

Of course in a Hallmark culture, this is rarely acknowledged.

But you beautiful goddess sisters have shared with me over the years — so I know…


Some of you have narcissistic mothers or non-existent mother-figure relationships.

Last year 3 (!!!) of my friends lost their beautiful mommies.

Many also lost aunts and grandparents.

Perhaps you have been dealing with mental health struggles.

For many like me, you may thankfully still have your beautiful mommy but have had your own issues with your wombs, pregnancy loss and your motherhood journey.


Whatever your situation, I send you love.

We pray for and embrace healing with the physical and energetic womb we come from.

We pray for and embrace our great Mother Earth.

Where you are is where you are.

You are safe and you are loved.

You are safe and you are loved.

You are safe and you are LOVE.

Life doesn’t always fit neatly in a box — and neither does mother’s day.


Last week in Womanifesting Wednesday and Goddess Temple Sunday we talked about how fear can block your blessings.

I acknowledge you.

If no one has told you today, I love you.

Abiola signature - Mothers day blessings