Join intuitive self-love coach and spiritual teacher Abiola Abrams on a journey to awaken the goddess within and make your own inner world a sacred feminine sanctuary. This mindful journey is based on Abiola’s book, African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity and Joy. Let Abiola guide you and dive deep into your inner goddess temple!

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Enter Your Goddess Temple Audio Meditation Program

Art by Destiney Powell


Hey Goddess!

Are you ready for a journey of personal initiation, empowerment, and self-love?

In this new audio program, I offer you teachings on your seven inner temples and specific goddesses associated with each temple.

These goddesses, which can be found in the spiritual traditions of the African diaspora, invite you into their divine presence so that you can manifest their qualities right here, right now.

To fully embody the qualities of these goddesses, I guide you on transformational meditational journeys to invoke, abide in, and manifest the qualities of each goddess. The meditations in this audio program have an ascending quality which means you work first to cleanse and strengthen your foundation at the root of your being.

As you work through each meditation, your focus ascends through your energy centers at your sacral channel, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. In the last meditation, you are guided on a celestial alignment journey where you are fully empowered by all seven goddesses.

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Enter Your Goddess Temple Meditation Program Tracks:

  • Track 1 Introduction to Your Inner Goddess Temples and the Divine Feminine with Benin Goddess-God Mawu-Lisa
  • Track 2 Teaching on Shona Goddess Mbuya Nehanda, Temple of Ancestors, and Your Root Chakra
  • Track 3 Nehanada’s Grounding Meditation and Affirmation Bath
  • Track 4 Teaching on Balobedu Goddess Modjadji, Temple of Conjurers, and Your Sacral Chakra
  • Track 5 Modjadji’s Meditation and Affirmation Bath for Manifesting
  • Track 6 Teaching on Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet, Temple of Warriors, and Your Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Track 7 Sekhmet’s Self-Acceptance Meditation and Affirmation Bath
  • Track 8 Teaching on Yoruba Goddess Oshun, Temple of Lovers, and Your Heart Chakra
  • Track 9 Oshun’s Fearless Love Meditation and Affirmation Bath
  • Track 10 Teaching on Dogon Goddess Yasigi, Temple of Griots, and Your Throat Chakra
  • Track 11 Yasigi’s Live Out Loud Tapping Meditation
  • Track 12 Teaching on Jamaican Goddess Queen Mother Nanny, Temple of Queens, and Your Third Eye
  • Track 13 Queen Mother Nanny’s Intuition Meditation and Affirmation Bath
  • Track 14 Teaching on Zulu Goddess iNkosazana, Temple of High Priestesses, and Your Crown Chakra
  • Track 15 iNkosazana’s Umbilini Meditation on Celestial Alignment of All Chakras
  • Track 16 A New Beginning


::::You may have met some of these goddesses in my African Goddess Affirmation Cards or Womanifesting Fertility Goddess Card decks, but we are going on a deep dive in my new book African Goddess Initiation, this meditation program and my new African Goddess Rising Oracle card deck.


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