When You Want to Quit! How to Keep Going & Never Give Up

All of us as human beings have experienced that feeling, when you want to quit, give up on something difficult. How do you keep going when it’s hard?

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Powerful dialogue with Sadia Sisay, founder of beingU lingerie and lifestyle brand, and one of my beautiful coaching clients.

As a heart-centered Spiritpreneur, you are no longer allowing scarcity and lack to control your life. It is time for you to let go of fear and step into your power and abundance

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How to Keep Going When You Want to Quit with Sadia Sisay

Listen Now! Sadia on Persistence When You Want to Quit

Sadia shares her life lessons on how to keep going when you feel like giving up. A beautiful and powerful journey of motivation, inspiration and transformation. Learn more about her empowerment, lifestyle and lingerie brand at beingU.me.

While dealing with grief and loss, sickness and stress, she is a testament to the power and will of the human spirit. She says that coming from Sierra Leone to growing up in the UK has been a series of trials, but Sadia refused to be invisible. She kept going. If Sadia has done it – and is doing it – you can do it too. Just keep going.

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All human beings have experienced that feeling, when you want to quit, give up on something difficult. How do you keep going when it’s hard?


beingu lingerie - sadia sisay

Photo: beingU Lingerie by Sadia Sisay

beingU™ is focused on providing high-quality lingerie for women of all skin tones with a particularly strong focus on black women and other women of colour. We offer an inclusive lingerie solution to women in colours and styles that are specially designed to flatter their skin tone and body shape. We have considered our customer’s comfort all the way through the design process, and truly believe that our product is beautiful to look at but also amazing to wear. We have also added a solutions range of backless/strapless bras and accessories in multi skin tones.

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“I am my mother’s love, my daughter’s beacon, my sister’s rock, my best friend’s anchor; all that I am and all I will be, no matter what, I feel phenomenal being me.” – Sadia 

Who is Sadia Sisay?

“I believe that who people are is more important than what they have done. My past and present have certainly proved that no matter what you go through you can and will achieve anything if you commit to your dream. I moved to the UK from Sierra Leone at 16, trained as a cancer nurse initially but have held other roles in business over the years until I became the proud founder of beingU in 2008. Personal challenges have delayed bringing products to market but believe me, I am more passionate than ever.

My daughter is my main inspiration for the beingU brand and I am determined to ensure she grows up in a world that celebrates women of all shapes, shades and sizes.” – Sadia Sisay, founder




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