Goddess rising is an energy that can no longer be contained.

Women are awakening to our sacred feminine power, and it has been a long time coming.

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Goddess Rising Manifesta

“I found God in myself and I loved her fiercely.” ~Ntozake Shange

This is our time to rise and to shine.

Here is your crown.

You hear that whisper?

That is the sound of the goddess rising.


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Some of us have been playing small for so long that we believe that we are small.

That shrunken self is not you. That shrunken self is a character you created to fit in.

You are power: fearfully and wonderfully made.

This is the movement of the goddess rising.



Goddess Rising with Abiola


Do you have the courage to heed your own call?

What does it mean that you are created in the image and likeness of that which birthed the sun and the roses?

Goddess rising is an energy that can no longer be contained.

Women are awakening to our sacred feminine power, and it has been a long time coming.


goddess rising - black women


It was the turn of the last century.

As we stood backstage at the iconic Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem, we knew we had tapped into something greater. Antoy Grant and I had written an acclaimed 3-woman hip hop poetry play called “Goddess City.”

Using the triple goddess archetype we performed our healing and the healing of women like us.

We said their names: Matriarchs Zora Neale Hurston and Sojourner Truth, goddesses Oshun and Amaterasu and our own mothers and grandmothers.

We were critically heralded. But not everyone was a fan of our goddess circle movement. Talk of the goddess makes people uncomfortable. Speaking about a divine energy that is feminine makes some angry. A woman left us a voicemail: “Your breasts haven’t dropped yet. What do you know?” The personal is deeply political.

When Africans were dragged in chains to “The New World” they hid our deities in stories of saints, angels and legendary characters. Our deities included a powerful cadre of orishas, lwas, goddesses.

We chant their names: Yemaya, Odudua, Erzulie, Ala along with Isis and Maat.

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How beautiful today that stars like Beyonce embrace and pay tribute to sacred feminine power and African deities.

This is goddess rising.




We were taught that to be a girl is to be less than, that our bodies’ natural functions are dirty and shameful.

But what is more powerful than our bodies moving on 28-day cycles like the moon and the tides?

We are fertile whether we ever give birth to another human.

Women give birth to society’s dreams.



Knowing this is goddess rising.

Knowing this is WOMANIFESTING.


Overcoming Resistance to Change


So how do you tap into goddess energy?

Surrender to your inner wise woman who knows your power.

Know that you are loved.

Meditate on your strength instead of believing lies of weakness.

Pray knowing that you are divinely connected.

Embrace mantras like, “I am the joy I’ve been seeking.”

Advocate for women.

Reclaim our rituals, legends and truths.

Take a breath.

Release everything you carry on your beautiful back.

Affirm it! “I am the goddess rising.”

Goddess. God-is.




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