Don’t be trapped inside a box and live according to a plan set by society and other people. Create your own life and discover your own happiness. Be sure to watch my advice video below for a quick jump start to reset your day and set you on your path toward more joy than you thought was possible! Ready to create your own reality? -aa

Hey Goddess,

Since we were kids our minds were programmed to believe in the same things our parents and grandparents believed in. We were exposed to truths we read in books and magazines and saw on TV. We weren’t taught to question these things and to decide for ourselves if these were worth believing in. We were just expected to believe.

Some parents when asked by their kids about something even answer “That’s just the way it is.” And since we were young, our mind was trained to just accept these truths and believe that well, that’s just the way it is.

It’s like we were boxed into a reality that our parents and the society we lived in perceived to be true. If we really wanted to we could break out of the box, but we didn’t know this was possible.

Society’s Reality

Society dictates what is considered normal and pretty much everybody just goes along with it and believes this is the norm. With physical appearance, each culture has a set of standards that society says is the norm. Anything outside of this norm is considered below average and unattractive. With financial matters, we were taught that the only way we can get money is through our job. And only through a good education can we get a good paying job.

These norms and so many others box us into acting and thinking a certain way. It doesn’t allow us to be creative and to live freely. Many of these norms work for some people, but what if they don’t work for you? What if you want something more than all these? What if you want to step out of the box?

Your Reality

If you didn’t know stepping out of the box is possible, now you do. If you didn’t know you could create your own reality, now you do.

You can erase all of the pre-conceived beliefs and notions you had and you can build your own reality. “Our point of view creates our reality, our reality does not create our point of view,” Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness points out.

How to Create Your Reality

  • A) Ask Questions – Douglas said “Questions empower.” We are creative individuals and the only way we can tap into our creativity is to ask questions. In any situation you are in always ask questions like “What choices do I have here?” “What else is possible here?” “How does it get any better than this?” Don’t assume you have all the answers and put a period on your life. As Dr. Dain Heer, co-creator of Access Consciousness also points out “Every question you ask opens up a completely different possibility and a new potential.”
  • B) Release Judgments – When you start judging, you don’t allow the things you’ve judged to enter your world. The people and circumstances that come into your life are limited only to the set of standards you have unconsciously set for yourself. In effect you limit the possibilities that come into your life. According to Dr. Heer, “Every time you judge you, or anyone else, you’re actually destroying possibilities and your sense of joy.” The way to get rid of these judgments is to shift your point of view. Every time you come across something you think is repulsive, remind yourself that this is just an interesting point of view and this perception is not necessarily significant and true. Eventually, work on eradicating these judgments and open yourself up to all possibilities.
  • C) Choose Happiness – In any circumstance and in any endeavors choose happiness. Break out of the boundaries your society, your grandparents and parents have set. Choose happiness over age-old beliefs that never worked for you and never made you happy. If society says you have to be skinny to be beautiful but you feel more happy being plus-size and healthy, choose your happiness. If society dictates you have to get yourself an 8-hour desk job to survive in this world but you would like to set up your own business, choose your happiness.

Sometimes we are just too caught up in the little things that we fail to see the big picture. Sometimes we are just boxed up inside little worlds that have been created for us we fail to remember there is a bigger world out there. So step out of the box and let go of all the beliefs that didn’t work out for you.

Create your own reality and be aware of the limitless possibility surrounding you.

Above all – gratitude and appreciation. Be grateful!

Debra Wright blogs about philosophies on complete self-awareness and other fields. Wright considers Access Consciousness as one of the leaders in self empowerment programs.

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