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How To Leverage Your Discomfort to Get More of What You Want

Feelings and emotions are a big part of what makes each person unique. No matter which feelings and emotions pass through you, they are not wrong. There is no need to feel embarrassed by them or push them aside as you seek to expand your comfort zone. Instead, you can use things like fear and discomfort to get more of what you want from your life. Use these tips to leverage your discomfort to reach your goals.

Be Proactive

Emotions are natural and normal. You don’t need to ignore them. Instead, accept that it’s okay to feel various emotions during life events and prepare for them as best as you can. Then, when these feelings crop up, you can feel them without embarrassment or uncomfortableness while continuing to make good choices.

Start a Journal

Journaling can help you become more mindful of every aspect of your life. It also allows you to reflect on prior thoughts, feelings, and experiences. This way, you can remind yourself of the choices you made, why you made them, and which worked or didn’t work. This way, you can avoid repeating bad choices. Journaling gives you a method to work out challenges, concerns, decisions and more that can help you achieve your goals in a more streamlined manner.

Talk to Someone

Never feel like you’re alone in this world. Help is available if you’re willing to look for and accept it. There are professionals who can help guide you through anything you want to accomplish. You can also turn to friends and family that are supportive of the goals you are trying to reach. Talking through things, be it with experts or loved ones, gives you the opportunity to explore your thoughts and feelings while also getting an outsider’s point of view so you can make educated decisions that are best for you.

Practice Your Communication Skills

Good communication is a skill you should develop to achieve more in life. Knowing how to deliver a message to a specific audience is key to reaching them in a meaningful way. The second part of good communication is just as essential to ensuring your success. That is being able to receive information from others and truly understanding what they are saying. Even when the topic is uncomfortable, being able to discuss it well will get you much further in life.

Get Moving

As you push through your comfort zone, you’re likely to feel some anxiety. This can be interpreted as excitement as you grow or feelings of stress over doing something new. You can overcome much of this nervous energy by moving your body more. Rather than retreating to your comfort zone when you feel stressed, try taking a fast walk to work it off. Before tackling something new, exercise to not only help get rid of the additional energy caused by the newness, but to also get the blood and oxygen flowing through your body so you can better focus on what you’re doing.

Rest Appropriately

Lack of good sleep can lead to severe anxiety that gets in the way of decision-making and the ability to accomplish what you set out to do. If you struggle with these things, take a look at your sleep patterns. Find ways to get a little better sleep at night. Take a walk in the park, have a picnic, take a nap, visit a sauna. Whatever it takes to get a little better rest before moving forward will help you achieve more.

Remember that merely feeling uncomfortable is not enough reason not to do something, especially if it will assist in your growth and success. Sometimes you have to push through to see progress and achieve results. Instead of letting discomfort hold you back, use it to catapult you to success.