Talking success and self-love with an Empowerment Coach and healing lightworker in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center…

New video! BRILLIANT Success Coach Kysha Brown Robinson shares her lessons on How to Deal with Our Fears and Live Our Dreams. I ADORE this woman and what she came to share. Great video to watch if you’re feeling BLOCKED in any way.

(Side vanity note: Check out my even more chocolately summer “tan” in New Orleans! lol)

Greetings Sacred Bombshell,

Do you want to find the courage to STEP UP and BE the person you came to the planet to be? Check out this video I made with life coach Kysha Brown Robinson in New Orleans. Kysha and I will be leading a transformative retreat together in December in Mississippi — so get ready!

**Please Note: We had no camera person, so the picture may occasionally lose focus by we never do.

Someone on facebook asked: “Does Kysha not work with unsuccessful people who strive to become successful?”

I answered: “I can’t speak for Kysha but she may share my POV that every single one of us is successful in some way. Someone may be successful as a parent or friend and want to be successful in business or vice versa. It’s all perspective.”

If you can’t see the video, click here to watch,


YouTube Description: How to Live the Empowered Life! Are you struggling with fear, insecurity, anxiety, or self-hatred? Talking about personal power and the power of affirmations Success Coach Kysha Brown Robinson talks about the power of intention, personal development and the power of words. This empowerment video was filmed in New Orleans at the Essence Festival for African American women.