Singer and super power Amel Larrieux and I talk about sacred feminine energy and personal power. In this video episode, Amel Larrieux joined me for an incredibly powerful self-love class…


Greetings Sacred Bombshell,

Amel Larrieux has long been an icon of soul music, talent, grace, African American beauty and natural hair. It has been a long time since she changed the scene with her group Groove Theory. As a mother and musician, life has not always been easy. In this video, Amel shares with me how the tools of yoga, EFT Emotional Freedom Technique and meditation helped her find healing.

These techniques are incredible for healing stress, anxiety, depression and fear for all women. In this groundbreaking interview, Amel opens up about where she has been and where she’s going, musically, spiritually and personally.

Thanks to Kristal Mosley and iCreateTV for the amazing production.

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About Amel Larrieux

Via Wikipedia: Amel was born and raised an only child in Greenwich Village. Her mother, Brenda Dixon Gottschild, is a dance critic, author, and college instructor. Larrieux was raised in a very artistic environment and was surrounded by talented and inspirational artists. Some of her classmates include: members of Boyz II Men, jazz bassist Christian McBride, jazz guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel, jazz organist Joey DeFrancesco, and The Roots member Questlove. Larrieux attended the senior prom with Questlove. Many of her influences are drawn from R&B, soul, jazz, folk, hip hop, and gospel with flashes of Middle Eastern, West African, and Indian ethnic styles. The Groove Theory star resides in New York with her husband, Laru, and daughters, Sanji Rei and Sky. Amel means “hope” in Arabic.