Let’s talk about how to do a spiritual decording and cut energetic ties with someone.  This can be a lover, parent, sibling, partner, friend — or really anyone who you want to separate from energetically. For those of us who are empaths, you may need to do a cord cutting after being exposed to large groups, audiences, negative people or any over-stimulating situation that causes anxiety.

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How to Cut Cords: Energetic Decording Ritual

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Hey Goddess,

Cord cutting or decording is used to change the energy dynamic in a relationship.

Energetic decording is very helpful if you want to end your connection with someone or if you’re dealing with energy vampires. This is an excerpt from “The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love.”

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Abiola Abrams

Sacred Bombshell Tool: Decording Visualization

When you were born, they cut the umbilical cord that attached you to your mother. This signified that you are an individual and separate entity. De-cording is an energetic process of cutting the cords between you and another person.

It’s not always as easy as “let go and move on” after your relationship with a loved one, friend, or romantic partner has come to a close. In fact, it almost never is. Our minds and mouths may have said it’s over, but our hearts hold on.

Just as we were once physically attached to our mothers, we form temporary energetic cord attachments all the time. When we are in any kind of relationship with another person we are energetically connected and engaged. This connection continues even after your brain, heart, or circumstances cause the situation to end. Imagine your energy as cords attaching you to wherever your focus goes. Now imagine trying to move forward with dozens or hundreds of these old energy cables, like tangled extension cords, attaching you to everyone you’ve ever cared for. All of those old, dead, emotionally charged, and unnecessary cords would make it pretty hard to move forward, right?

Sometimes this “procedure” is simple. You de-cord and never feel the person’s energy again. With others, your bond may have been so strong that you feel the person’s energy all the time. Interactions can reattach you. You can de-cord as much as you need to. There is no harmful energy or intention toward the other person, ever. You don’t even have to have been in a relationship to have someone’s energy stuck to you. De-cording is helpful after dealing with energy vampires who sap your energy as well.

Think of cord releasing as an energy cleanse. You can use this releasing exercise to de-cord from a parent, mate, boss – anyone! Or you can de-cord the energy of a specific situation with another person. This process doesn’t have to mean that you’re no longer in each other’s lives. It just means that you are not feeding from each other’s energy.

Your Bombshell Power Hour at the end of the day is a great time to let go of draining connections.

Chakra Healing Meditation with Abiola

Here’s how to do an energetic spiritual decording:

  1. Sit comfortably and close your eyes.
  2. Visualize the cords attaching you and the person or people you wish to release.
  3. See yourself unplugging each cord from you. You can visualize handing the cord back to the other person. You can also see the cord being pulled back over to them as soon as you release it. For persistent or strongly attached cords, you can see yourself cutting them with huge scissors.
  4. Replace the energy with your own soothing light. Picture a spinning vortex of golden, yellow light – like a ball of sunshine surrounding you and refilling you with positive, good-feeling energy.
  5. In your vision, you may want to clearly tell the other person, “It’s over. You are released from my life. We are complete. Goodbye.”
  6. Sit quietly until you see yourself whole, loving, and loved. Say a prayer for the person’s highest and best good. Repeat to yourself, “It is safe to let this go. It is safe to let this person go. I am safe.”

Don’t be surprised if the person feels the energy shift after the decording and suddenly contacts you. Sometimes, we’re the ones who keep reattaching ourselves to a defunct relationship.

Be aware of your own grieving and healing processes.

xoxo, Abiola



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This post on energetic decording is an excerpt from The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love by Abiola Abrams. All rights reserved.

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